Yes, You Can Travel Well In The Rain

by | July 27, 2022, 15:27 IST

travel well in the rain

Here are eight simple tips to help you max out travelling in the rain they will help you master monsoon travel 

There are many benefits to travelling in the monsoon. You don’t meet the world and his wife out there. You usually get off-season discounts or special packages, but you also might not find every dining establishment and stay option open. Still, the rains bring a different aspect to every destination, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on a monsoon  holiday.

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Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get the best out of your break…

Pack A Raincoat

Seems obvious, but be sure to pack a compact but effective raincoat into your luggage where you can get to it easily even as you step out of the airport or train station.

Bring an umbrella by all means, but don’t expect it to keep you dry. In the winds that usually accompany rain, you might find yourself quickly soaked. A raincoat and umbrella is the perfect combination, along with a plastic bag of some sort to store them in when it stops raining, but you’re still out exploring.

Pick Footwear Carefully

We are used to slipping into ‘rainy shoes’ when in our home towns, but exploration at a new destination calls for a little more planning. Your regular rain shoes or boots might not stand up to walking a lot on your holiday, so pick weatherproof shoes well in advance, and break them in before you go on holiday. Ensure you carry enough socks because they might get damp and need to be hung out to dry.

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Prepare For Unpredictable Weather

Yes, it might be the monsoon season, but you might also find yourself with a few days of unseasonal sunshine. Make sure you have a few clothes for warm or even hot weather, and do keep yourself hydrated. It also makes sense to dress in layers that you can take off to keep yourself warm or cool according to the changing weather. And do remember that it can get very hot under the rain gear, so dress accordingly.

Carry A Waterproof Daypack

This will be invaluable in safely transporting your phone, essentials and shopping around. Place wet rain gear within a waterproof bag before stashing it within the daypack. 

Pick A Stay Option With Laundry Facilities

If you’re staying in a hotel, make sure it has laundry facilities, or, since hotel services can get a little pricey, that there is a laundromat close by. If you are picking a rental, check for a washing machine and dryer when you are searching for stay options. 

Take Along A Waterproof Laundry Bag

The day before your flight or train home, you can be sure you will have wet clothes to pack. Be prepared. 

Be Prepared For Delays

The rain has a way of slowing everything down, so factor in plenty of time between activities, excursions and especially travel to and from your destination itself. 

Embrace The Rain

Travelling during the monsoon has its own charm but you need to be someone who loves the rain. If you’re not, it might be better to stay home and travel in peak or shoulder season.

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