#WorldEnvironmentDay: 6 Brands That Offer Refills

by | June 4, 2022, 23:18 IST


As World Environment Day approaches, it gets me thinking (more and more) about all kinds of waste the mammoth beauty industry generates. Yes, it’s immense and imprudent at many levels. And, if you’re only thinking about the overconsumption of plastic, give the gluttony of water, raw materials and other natural resources a thought. Honestly, we’re already too late to be woke at this point and every action of ours (that can tamper the environment and planet) needs attention and re-working. 

While many systems need to be restructured – think procurement of raw materials, post-effects of production on the environment, utility of water – packaging is one of the most critical aspects that invariably engages in the maximum amount of plastic usage. Contrary to the traditional ways, it’s really not that difficult to replace plastic with say aluminium or glass – besides a hike in the costs. However, it’s much-needed considering these small steps could have a bigger impact. Take a look at these brands that have taken small steps by offering refillable beauty.

Kora Organics

Currently available at Nykaa and Sephora India, Kora Organics has kickstarted their refillable beauty journey by introducing refills of their moisturisers (primarily) in glass jars that make replacing easy, fuss-free and convenient. 



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One of the most prominent and indulgent hair care brands in the world, OUAI is out with refills of many products from their line-up. Known globally for improving the look and feel of hair across types, OUAI’s Detox Shampoo is a winner, available at Sephora India.



Dermalogica is a cult-favourite amongst beauty enthusiasts, all thanks to the efficacious formulae that they come up with for all skin types and concerns. However, since I still keep going back to physical exfoliation, my most-picked product is the micro-exfoliant that scrubs off all the gunk and grime without disturbing the barrier. What’s better? The product now comes in refills, letting me save money and the planet. So, what’s stopping you from giving this a shot?



If there’s one brand that’s gone all out in their efforts to make refillable beauty as the bare minimum standard, it’s L’Occitane. All – yes, all – their best-selling products are available in refills. From their classic almond-infused body care range to hair care products, you’ll find all your essentials in refills. Say hello to better skin and hair sans the guilt of trashing a plastic bottle fortnightly.

asa Beauty


The clean and luxury homegrown beauty brand commenced their with a conscious approach – championing refillable beauty. *Every* product under the brand comes in a refill too – lip tints, mascara, blush and highlighter powder and more. Honestly, if you’re looking at making a major choice shift – asa Beauty is the place for you. Not to mention how every product is A1 in terms of performance.



Trust Ayca, the personal care brand to transform your basic everyday self-care rituals (shower, cleansing, moisturising) into little pleasures for your senses and skin. Besides sticking to the best-in-class natural oils and ingredients, the brand aims to leave you fresh and revitalised after using the products. Currently, products from the Oudh Wood range come in refills but we’re hoping to see more of these.


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