World Chocolate Day: Indulge Yourself In Sinful Choco Desserts In Mumbai

by | July 6, 2022, 18:34 IST


Chocolate, an instant mood enhancer, satisfies us in all of its forms — dark, milk, plain, nutty, put into sweets etc. On World Chocolate Day, this most beloved treat is celebrated. Therefore, we have compiled a list of places in Mumbai for you to celebrate the occasion:



Hitchki is more than just a colourful and eccentric restaurant with amusing Bollywood-named delicacies. As the term, 'hitchki' or hiccup is a metaphor for remembering, the restaurant offers up nostalgia through popular Hindi film phrases and lyrics to which any Bollywood fan may connect.


On this World Chocolate Day, you can binge on their drool-worthy dessert, Bas Kar Pagle Rulayega Kya. Brimming with cigarette candies, gems, nuts, generous scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice-creams adorned with drizzled chocolate sauce and wafer cones. Meanwhile, Chocolate Lava Kulfi also suggests a delectable twist in the kulfi-and-chocolate lava combination to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

1522 Bar And Kitchen


1522 Bar and Kitchen enlivens the city of dreams with its sophisticated atmosphere and lively atmosphere. Coming from Bengaluru, the location is very familiar with the pace, vigour, and energy of Mumbai. The multi-cuisine restaurant meets the gastronomic needs of its patrons while providing them with a sense of familiarity. Not only are its royal kebabs and carefully crafted cocktails created with premium ingredients, but so are its chocolate desserts. Ferrero Rocher Entremet tops the list as a combination of Ferrero Rocher's crisp wafers and roasted hazelnuts with exquisite French entremets. You can also indulge guilt-free with their low-calorie Keto Choco Fudge.

Love And Cheesecake


To celebrate the occasion, Love and Cheesecake, a premium dessert chain in Mumbai offers fine chocolate cheesecakes and tiered cakes. This firm, co-founded by Ruchyeta Bhatia and Chef Amit Sharma, has fifteen outlets in Mumbai and delivers across the city. Love & Cheesecake claims a dessert menu with over 120 distinct flavours. From gooey Chocolate Fudge Cake to the unique combination of flavours in Chocolate Banoffee Cake, this bakery offers an inexhaustible selection of desserts with a chocolate base.

Mad Over Donuts


One can indulge in the fluffy and crispy deliciousness of doughnuts, by visiting Mad Over Donuts or ordering from their website from the comfort of your own home. This location provides several chocolate-flavoured doughnuts with a twist, such as Brownie Crumble, Chocolate Therapy, Double Trouble, and Chocolate Decadence, among others. In addition to doughnuts filled with cream or melted chocolate, they also specialise in bite-sized doughnuts, crunchy Belgian waffles, and eclairs, to name a few.

Natural Ice Cream


As we gear up to welcome the monsoon season, natural ice cream is all set to welcome the seasonal fruits which they incorporate into ice creams. It also offers year-round frozen chocolate treats, such as Choco Almond, Choco Cream, and Chocobite, to satisfy one’s chocolate desire.

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