Why Sonakshi Sinha does Pilates

by | March 26, 2018, 0:00 IST

Sonakshi Sinha is proof that curvy girls are fit and can do anything! From biking to trekking, the actress has been seen in several fitness-related posts on Instagram. Her latest post reads, “Pilates porgi! If you saw me attempting this a month back, ud never imagine anyone could make it look so ungraceful! And a month later... this is where we are! Not too shabby i say.” She added the hashtags #consistencyiskey #pilatesgirl #mondaymotivation #sonaisfit. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of pilates.
Pilates is a system of exercise where the entire muscles of the body are employed for each movement, rather than isolated muscles. The key benefit of Pilates is that it strengthens your core, which in turn causes strengthening of not just the abdominal muscles, but also the glutes and back muscles, leading to great posture and supporting the spine. With great posture, you’ll find that your headaches, neck pain, shoulder and upper back problems disappear in a trace.
Just like yoga, Pilates enhances your flexibility greatly, as well as mobility. This is because all the joints are put into use and strengthened. You will further reduce the risk of joint pain, and bone degeneration in the joints, because the muscles in this area are so well-developed. You’ll also look evenly toned, without being bulky.
Pilates enhances blood circulation, leading to oxygenation of blood cells, and reduced risk of diseases. Regular Pilates is great for abdominal organs like the liver, kidneys and pancreas, keeping them in shape. They’re also a good detox, pushing toxins out of the body and resulting not just in fitness, but also great skin.
Pilates has psychological benefits too. Insomniacs benefit greatly from it, and it cures a variety of sleep disorders. It can also bring down stress levels and balance blood pressure. Since Pilates focuses on the right kind of breathing, you also become mindful of this, learning to breathe the right way and enhancing your lung capacity.

Photos: Instagram, Shutterstock