What’s The Role Of Quinoa In The Beauty Industry?

by | May 20, 2022, 9:20 IST


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We all know of quinoa, right? The grain… rather pseudo-grain (not a grain exactly but resembles the characteristics) is a key ingredient in fancy salads and bowl meals, obtained from amaranth (from the spinach family). Why quinoa gets the status of one of the healthiest ingredients is because of how protein-rich it is. This also means it’s packed with amino acids. Does the sound of these nutrients ring a bell? Proteins and amino acids are prominent components of keratin – what our hair is essentially made of  and requires endlessly too. “Quinoa is a superfood for hair packed with high nutrients, which includes – vitamin A, B, calcium, zinc, protein, manganese, fibre, iron, phosphorus, and essential amino acids,” says Saandiip Shah, Managing Director, Biotop Professional India. This is why quinoa is one of the most sought after ingredients for hair that has recently gained prominence.



What Are The Benefits Of Quinoa For Hair?

Quinoa is a powerhouse of nutrients and all the good things for hair and so, it can do so much more for your hair than you think. “Quinoa contains good amounts of calcium, iron, and phosphorus. All these elements help in keeping the scalp clean which removes dandruff. Proteins in quinoa also keep your hair healthy. Quinoa is also rich in B vitamins that nourish the scalp completely,” tells Saandiip as he highlights the hair-friendly approach of quinoa. The key component is ‘protein’ here – the manifest charm of quinoa. The ingredient opens doors to healthier, stronger and thicker hair by “retaining and preserving moisture in your scalp and hair and transporting nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the scalp.” Additionally, it also protects and fortifies the hair, “Quinoa also supports hair growth with the presence of vitamin B3 compounds, strengthens hair and improves elasticity and prevents split ends, thereby reducing breakage.” Saving the best for the last, quinoa also encourages hair growth, yep, you heard that right. “Quinoa can stimulate hair growth by strengthening hair follicles and inducing protein, which helps with healthy hair growth. It also contains fibres and minerals, which are good for hair growth,” confirms Saandiip.



But, What Gives It An Edge Over Other Oils?

Okay, we get it – quinoa is great for hair. But, after going through the many benefits of the ingredient, I was curious to know if it has an upper hand over the otherwise commonly used coconut, almond and olive oil. “The ingredient quinoa offers a host of benefits for hair with its natural content of protein which works towards hair strengthening and vitality,” emphasises Saandiip. “Quinoa oil works differently on the scalp and the hair shaft, leaving a dual impact on the hair health. For the scalp, it helps with dandruff prevention, whereas on the hair shaft, it forms a protective barrier due to the amino acids present in quinoa,” he adds.


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