What Each Zodiac Sign Loves About Relationships

by | August 29, 2019, 0:00 IST


Each zodiac sign has its own set of predilections when it comes to relationships. For instance, Taureans might prefer stability at home to embarking on wild adventures with their partners. To be more precise, based on your zodiac sign, there could be particular reasons as to why you would want to be in a relationship in the first place. Check out what these zodiac signs would love the most about their relationships:

People belonging to this particular fire sign would love their partners to cheer them on, for everything they do in life. They would want their partners to constantly inspire or motivate them to achieve great things in life. Be their cheerleader, and they would be supremely happy.

Stability is the name of the game for Taureans. They would want their partners to focus more on hearth and home, and not on frivolous things that could distract them from core couple goals. So, a grand family feast or a lavish family outing would be their primary preference when it comes to spending quality time.

Geminis want it all. They would like their partner to keep them company during the wheeling and dealing of a networking event. Just as they would like their partner to unwind with them when the hurly burly's done. In other words, they love the idea of a companion who would help them cope with the hectic demands of life.


Generally speaking, Cancerians are sensitive people, though they may make an effort to look tougher on the outside. So, they would seek loads of affection from their relationship. A healing touch from their partners is what would make them happy.

'Love, love me do' - that seems to be the chief motto of Leo guys and gals. They would want to be in a relationship with somebody who would give them constant attention and would constantly assure them of their love and commitment.

Broadly speaking, Virgo guys and gals don't want to step out of their comfort zones. They like their daily routine and would be very upset if there are any disruptions. In other words, they would want predictability and stability in their relationships. They avoid drama.

They love the whole idea of being in a relationship. So, in a way, they would want to enjoy everything about a relationship - from being intimate to being at loggerheads to just being with each other.

Scorpions are extremely passionate people. So, they would expect the same kind of intensity from their partners. For them, an unbridled passion for each other is the whole point of being in a relationship. They would want their lovers to match this depth of feeling.


For Sagittarians, being in a relationship is equivalent to making that wild adventure trip! They would want constant excitement and pleasant surprises in their relationship. They simply wouldn't want the adventure to end.

People belonging to this earth sign have a grounded, practical side to their personality. Planning together for a happy, stable future is what they would love the most about their relationships. Basically, they would want to be in it for the long haul.

Friendship is what they seek in a relationship. They truly believe that friendship is the solid foundation on which a relationship is built. Therefore, they would like their partners to be their best friend, who would stick to them through thick and thin.

Pisceans would want their partners to keep the romantic spark alive. They would want a relationship that would help them escape from the daily drudgery. They would give their all if they manage to find partners who believe in the same relationship philosophy.
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