What Do The Stars Have In Store For Your Zodiac Sign In The Month of Love?

by | February 14, 2022, 21:55 IST

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How are the stars aligned for you in the Month of Love? Astrologer and gemologist Pankaj Khanna, Chairman, Khanna Gems, tells you all you need to know!



Whether you’re single and hoping to meet someone special, or are attached and want to take your relationship to the next level, this period could be a fruitful one for manifesting your romantic vision simply by believing you’re worthy of it. You’ll be realising it’s time to feel truly seen and understood emotionally by a partner in order to feel fulfilled physically.



You  will realise that broadening your horizon would be emotionally satisfying and lead to feeling more fulfilled romantically. This period lends itself to slowing down and clarifying what exactly will bring you the most pleasure. During this period, the focus is on your wants and needs.



If you are feeling uncomfortable in an ongoing relationship, then it’s time for some heavy-duty soul searching and reclaiming your power. This period could be a particularly intense one for an existing relationship, thanks to just how fiery, passionate, and magnetic you’ll be. However, be cautious when making important decisions like committing to a new relationship.


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The stars are spurring you to take a chance when it comes to sharing what’s in your heart. You might be feeling vulnerable and nervous about expressing yourself differently, but this moment is all about learning how crucial it is to own your voice. You shall be setting the stage for heartfelt new beginnings in love and creative pursuits.



The stars are amplifying your ability to explore your desires, fantasies, and what makes you most comfortable in your closest relationships. If you’ve been aiming to lay the groundwork for a more secure, cozy, less stressful future with your current or future friend, this is the time to do it. You’re learning now that you deserve nothing less than to be involved with someone who not only sees you but appreciates everything about you.



This period is especially romantic and satisfying for you as the stars are boosting your imagination and setting a new creative tone for your life. You shall see big changes coming your way which shall enable you to balance your personal and professional life better. Just prepare yourself for plenty of change around who you’re connecting with and how you’re showing up in your love and social life. You could feel particularly driven to own your voice and creative impulses.


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You will feel on top of the world as you shall have a blast of planetary luck and action affecting your love life. If you’re single, these periods could give way to meeting someone who’s very much on the same page in terms of their future romantic vision. And if you’re attached, you and your partner will be strengthening your bond.



The stars shall lead you to feeling more fulfilled emotionally, mentally, and physically. You shall be more open to learning ways to make your relationships work and bring the satisfaction you need to face your emotions and take charge. Pragmatic ways can help you feel more centered and connected to a current or future partner.



If you’re attached, you and your special one could be even more in sync on shared long-term goals. If you’re single, the stars shall provide you with plenty of opportunity to meet someone like-minded with whom you could create a fulfilling future. Your focus will very much be on expanding and nurturing your closest one-on-one bond. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be learning more about how you handle shared resources and financial issues.


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Now’s the time for illuminating your need to clarify how you’re presenting yourself to the world and how you want to show up in your most significant one-on-one bonds. You shall feel like you need to commit on a deeper level to an existing relationship or show even more of yourself as you meet potential partners. You’ll be able to put whatever you have been dreaming up, mediating on, and discussing into action.



During this period you will be taking less action around your love life and pouring more energy into self-reflection. If you’re single, you might be perfecting your app profiles, finessing how you’re presenting what you’re looking for, so that it is absolutely in line with what you want in your heart of hearts. If you’re attached, you’ll be gaining more clarity around big-picture personal goals and how your special one can best support you moving forward.



Your love life will be really happy as the planetary positions are bestowing you with romance, fun and self expression, and all the most effervescent aspects of love in your life. If you’re single, your dating life is about to explode. Truly, you’ll have your pick of matches — some of whom are just here for a good time, but potentially, a handful who could be around for a long, fulfilling time. And if you’re attached, get ready  to enjoy more chemistry, spontaneity, and lighthearted moments with your special one.


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