How To Celebrate The Wedding Sangeet In Post-Pandemic Era

by | October 18, 2021, 16:42 IST

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With weddings getting planned in new ways in the new normal, attending weddings over videos is becoming more and more common as the risk of COVID-19 continues. The traditional ways of celebrating different ceremonies like sangeet are not possible in this situation. The sangeet is all about getting together and having some fun with dances, music and masti. How can we still get to enjoy it with just as much zeal and joy when not being able to come together in big numbers? Here are some ideas.


Step One: Decide On Guest List

Firstly, plan who you’re going to call on the day (evenings in most cases) of the sangeet. Some might choose/prefer/be able to attend it virtually over videos, while some might be able to make it in person. Remember to stick to the number of guests as per the given guidelines.


Step Two: Decide On Songs

Decide on the number of songs/dances you or whoever is attending – in person or virtually – is going to perform on. This will depend on the time you have – on the day of the event itself, and also to plan, choreograph and practice beforehand. Also, decide on the songs to dance on.



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Step Three: Get A Choreographer On Board

Depending on your budget and choice, you can hire a professional choreographer to help with the dances, or get a relative who can dance to help you with the choreography. The dances and steps will need to be recorded on video to share with those who will be dancing as everyone cannot come together to practice.


Step Four: For Those Attending Virtually

Give the people attending virtually a whole dance (even if it is a short one of a minute or so) to do themselves, so that it is easy for them to practice and perform. Get them to shoot the final dance in a video and share it with you. Or for those who have some video-editing skills, or can get a video edited, get the different people – attending virtually or in-person – to share a video doing certain pre-determined steps to a song. The different videos can be edited and put together as per the song so that one dance is made fully in a video.


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Step Five: Arrange The Logistics

For the sangeet function, ensure you have received all videos in time and can have them named and numbered as per the required order in a folder on a laptop and backups in two pen drives. Arrange for a projector and a screen to show the videos on. Remember to coordinate the lighting to suit the on-stage dances and videos when being projected.


Step Six: Enjoy

Along with the dances, you can also arrange some fun games such as antakshari to get everyone involved. Remember to have fun, and enjoy the celebration to its fullest.


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