Unusual Wedding Traditions That Are Sure To Amaze You

by | October 18, 2021, 18:21 IST

Shahid Kapoor

You know about the common wedding traditions of India (of course!) and some from the US and the UK as well - such as those of something-borrowed-something-new or of tossing the bouquet. Needless to say, each part of the world has its own traditions when it comes to weddings - some of them will amaze you while others will leave you shaking your head and stepping back! Here are some of the quirkiest traditions from around the world:

In Congo, brides and grooms are not allowed to smile on D-Day. Smiling would mean they aren’t serious about their marriage!

In France, brides and grooms get to eat chocolates and champagne after the reception. Sounds good, right? The problem is that this has to be done from the toilet bowl! This is supposed to give them strength before the wedding night.

A groom shoots at his bride with a bow and arrow, many times, and then collects the arrows in China. He has to then break them during the ceremony to ensure that their love lasts forever. Let’s hope he remembers to remove the arrowheads!

Normally, during the run-up to the D-Day, you'd look at losing any extra weight you've gained. In Mauritius, brides need to put on weight to show that grooms are wealthy and can provide for their wives well.

Wedding guests throw porcelain dishes down on the ground to ward off evil at the home of the newly married couple, after the wedding in Germany. The bride and the groom have to clean it all up together in order to learn to work together.

In Scotland, wedding guests pelt the couple with food trash. Why? If they can withstand this, they can withstand anything in marriage.

In Ireland, the bride has to ensure that her feet don’t lift up during the dance. If they do, evil fairies could come and take her away!

Grooms are beaten by a fish or a cane before the first night in Korea. It is supposed to show his strength and character.

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