Unconventional Career Choices For Those Looking For Ideas

by | June 3, 2022, 13:12 IST


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Finding a career that aligns with your potential is not easy. No SWAT analysis or aptitude test can tell you which industry you can excel in, and even it were so, you wouldn’t be convinced by the test-results anyway. So, what can be done? For starters, think beyond the mainstream. Your relatives might not understand or acknowledge your unconventional career trajectory, and it will likely be a long journey of educating them about your choice without feeling inferior. But if you’re game for ending up doing what you truly love, here are some unconventional career options for you!

Music Producer

If you can create a piece of good upbeat/lo-fi music, you can start by selling stock music or writing advert music and carve your way up. To level up your skills, you can take a course which covers everything required to make music for the commercial landscape.


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There are many stories yet to be told. If you can animate characters on-screen and make them look surprisingly fresh and stunning, you can have a good time in this sector.

Art Therapy

If you like arts and helping people, then you can consider pursuing art therapy. This therapy incorporates creative methods of expression. With this therapeutic approach, you can help your clients become playful and paint their hearts out.


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For this, your number game must be strong. If you are good at Math and have a grasp of financial knowledge, you can become an actuary. There are certifications available, and generally, it takes up to five years to fully establish yourself.

Zumba Instructor

People want enthusiasm in their life, and being a Zumba instructor can help fill that void. A Zumba instructor also has the power to move people and give them a dopamine boost. Lift up spirits at the studio and help people in burning calories to the tune of upbeat music. You get to integrate other dance forms into the same, and as such, there is great creative scope here.


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Content Creator/Influencer

The Internet has opened the floodgates for myriad career options which didn’t exist earlier. Find your passion – beauty, makeup, food, travel, fashion and create content around these topics ranging from reviews to personal experiences. Grow your audience by being consistent in your efforts.

You will come across people who won’t take you and your work seriously, but persevere till you make it, and soon you’ll have a well-paying career that you love.

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