Transform Your Room With Bold Colours, Designs And Accessories This Season

by | July 5, 2022, 18:05 IST


Choosing a colour scheme for your room is crucial since it reflects your mood, sometimes boosting it and sometimes just letting you be. True, it demonstrates a love of colour, but the colour never changes, but your mood does! So, how do you pick the right colour? Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, CEO and Co-Founder of The Bennet and Bernard Company, assists us in selecting the appropriate accessories and colours for our favourite home - Home.

"According to trends, it would be prudent to incorporate a new colour into lifting soothing whites and neutrals. They will match any mood!" says the expert, before listing a few recommendations for transforming your rooms with vibrant colours and accessories during this season, which is a mix of both sunshine and drizzles of rain, to add layers of memories that will be forever carved in your psyche.

  • Duvet Cover In Vibrant Prints: Add colour to the bedroom with a change in duvet covers. Use prints of tropical fruits, exotic birds, florals, etc
  • Macramé All The Way: Incorporate texture and a Boho vibe to the dining area with handwoven Macramé table runners
  • Casual Seating With Moroccan Prints: Create a fun casual seating area with low profile tables, floor cushions and rugs in colourful Morocco prints
  • Eco-Friendly Terracotta: Get artsy by hand painting environmentally sustainable terracotta planters in bold, colourful patterns. Plant in them a few indoor plants and voila, the room is now more appealing!
  • Bring The Outdoors Inside: Nothing screams pleasant weather like bright blooming flowers! Decorate your interiors with a bunch of tropical flowers placed in vases for a pretty touch to your room. We can also have decorative flower arrangements in bowls for the coffee table, much like the one shown in the picture. Terrariums are the latest trend in home décor, adding a tropical vibe to the areas. These miniature gardens that are grown inside sealable glass containers or jars look incredibly attractive due to the gradation of colours that are used in it
  • Graphic Prints: Liven up the living space with centre rugs in bold graphic prints with a classic black and white combination chevron rug
  • Neutrals With A Pop Of Colour: Keep your bedroom neutral, yet make it stand out with bright contrasting piece/s of furniture
  • Floral Feature Wall: Add character to the room with subtle and soft floral print wallpapers that exude an airy style, yet make the room look happy and fresh.

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