Toxic Friendships To Avoid: Watch Out For These Signs!

by | November 25, 2021, 16:37 IST


They tease, they gossip, and they backstab. It’s hard to recognize or realize unhealthy friendships and it’s harder to let them go. It's important that you don't ignore red flags in your friendship. Here are a few signs that your friendship is toxic.

Red Flag 1: It’s not easy when someone you think of as a best friend won't appreciate your work. If they don't appreciate you now, they probably won't appreciate you later. 

Red Flag 2 They don't support your dreams and goals, but they love to see you fail—which is why we need to put a stop to them once and for all.

Red Flag 3: Your “friend” doesn’t spend time with you but you see them hanging out with other people all the time. They don’t make an effort to meet you.

Red Flag 4: They call you only when they want to. They aren’t there to quench your thirst when needed.


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Red Flag 5: When your friend doesn’t listen to your problem nor does offer to carry weight.

Red Flag 6: They talk about EVERYONE behind their backs. 

Red Flag 7: Your bud wants to be the center of attention. In fact, everything has to be about them. 

Red Flag 8: They ditch you for a man, and their attention.

Red Flag 9: Your friend is a lousy secret keeper.

Red Flag 10: They tell you that they don't love the way you look or body shame you. 


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Red Flag 11: Your friend will drain your energy without even noticing

Red Flag 12: They don't show interest in your life. They can't remember what you talk about, and their eyes start to glaze over when you start talking. 

Red Flag 13: When they belittle you in front of their other friends or make you feel embarrassed.

Red Flag 14: They keep bringing things from the past.

Red Flag 15: Don’t respect your boundaries.

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