’Tis Time For Weddings 2.0! Here’s What They’ll Look Like

by | July 9, 2021, 10:30 IST

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Singer Rahul Vaidya and actor Disha Parmar are tying the knot this month. They recently shared their wedding invite on social media to make the announcement. With the pandemic and the lockdown, weddings had taken a back seat. With the lockdowns easing, the couples looking to get married are now finally in their final planning stages to have their weddings, just like #TheDisHulWedding.

WeddingWire India saw a 30 per cent jump in queries in 2021 for vendor services last year. Statistics also show an increased interest in planning and scheduling weddings in the period between September 2021 and December 2021. However, the pandemic is here to stay and while you’re making arrangements for your D-Day to match your dreams, you also need to ensure that it adheres to the COVID-19 protocols so that no one’s health is risked. The last thing we want is your wedding becoming a super spreader event.

Opt For Local Venues
While destination weddings can be a lot more fun, we have seen several instances of wedding locations being changed overnight owing to newly announced restrictions. The availability of décor, food and other necessities for the wedding might also prove to be a difficulty in a destination wedding. Going local would ensure that you are aware of the local COVID-19 protocols and can plan your wedding accordingly without any last-minute hassles.

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Intimate Guest List
Having a small guest list with only a few close family members and friends is the way to go. This not only allows for the wedding to be much more special, but also gives you room to experiment a lot more with other aspects of the wedding such as rituals, food and décor. It ensures that everyone remains safe, while not missing out on any fun that a regular wedding might have offered. Having an intimate guest list also saves you from not having to hear snarky remarks of ungrateful guests.

Personalised Wedding Momentos
The money that is saved with an intimate local wedding can be used to make the experience more fun for the guests present. Customised gifts such as face masks and sanitisers with the couple’s initials printed on them can be themed according to the functions and handed out at each event. Customised gift hampers to each family or individual can be another fun way to express gratitude.

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New And Old
There is no harm in mentioning that while making the cut backs in your wedding due to COVID, it *might* get a little boring. To remedy this, a new set of fun games and rituals can be introduced. You can take inspiration from the various cultures that the world has to offer and put your own little Indian spin on it.

Get Your Relatives To Help Out
Now this may sound outrageous but hear us out. Not having a professional photographer or makeup artist doesn’t just save you a huge chunk of your budget, but also means more room for your relatives. As for the job of clicking pictures and doing your makeup, you can always ask the budding photographers, makeup artists and fashionistas in your family to help you out. It also gives you a chance to polish yourself on your makeup skills.

In all this, remember to ensure the guests are vaccinated, and they have no symptoms. Video calls are always an option for those who can’t attend in person. A sanitised venue, vaccinated vendors and guests and making special memories is the new recipe for Wedding 2.0!

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