This Brand Is Normalising Diamonds For Everyday Wear. We Stan!

by | February 7, 2022, 18:34 IST

Everyday Diamond wear

Hear the word diamond and you automatically conjure images of ornate jewellery — multi-strand necklaces, snug-fitting chokers, colossal earrings, among many others — often reserved for weddings and other celebratory events. Although women have started to accessorise their everyday looks with a lot more fervour than before, the pieces that they often turn toward for such purposes are dainty jewellery that they have been lying in their trinket trays. Seldom are diamond earrings, rings, and pendants, the jewellery of choice for elevating our everyday looks that ensue before a Zoom video call, a round of drinks with the girlfriends, or a mid-day trip to the nearest coffee store for that much-needed cup of cappuccino to keep us going. 

Everyday Diamonds wear

But that’s the perspective about diamonds that Lenishka Jewels, a diamond jewellery store founded by Pranav Gangwani, wants to change for its new-age wearers. Dedicated to bringing opulence to everyday life, he wants to make luxury jewels the new normal by bringing together the highest quality diamonds with contemporary designs that appeal to the style sensibilities of modern women who are looking at jewellery not just as accessories but as extension of their personalities. Think geometry-inspired earrings, opulent finger rings, and delicate necklaces!

Want to know how to incorporate luxury jewellery into your everyday wardrobe? Here are some style tips that will take your mundane looks to newer heights 

Everyday Diamond wear

Wearing an all-white ribbed dress? Throw on this emerald ring that’s studded with white diamonds for just the right amount of bling. 

Everyday Diamond wear

Swing an anti-fit blazer over a crop top and finish with this pair of geometry-inspired diamond earrings for your perfect semi casual business look. 

Everyday Diamond wear

Think you’re a minimalist? Skip the earrings and wear the polki pendant with a simple chain instead for an equally statement-making look.

Does your idea of business casuals mean wearing chic kurtas? Accessorise with maximalist rings to match the grandeur. 

Everyday Diamond wear

Is your style generally minimalist? Then this necklace with diamond pendant and matching earrings is just what you need to boost your Indian wear, especially if you find yourself invited to a laidback wedding. 

Everyday Diamond wear

With a good mix of dressy and dainty jewellery, there’s hardly a look you can’t nail. Turn toward Lenishka Jewels for all your bijoux needs. Know more on

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