Things You Definitely Need To Include in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

by | January 20, 2022, 18:45 IST


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The big day has arrived! You've been planning meticulously for months to make sure everything is in place so you don't have any concerns in the last minute. However, keeping everything together isn't always easy. There's a risk you'll drop something on your dress or have some other issue, and you don't want to be embarrassed. So pack these essential items to have them handy. They might be useful and at least provide the security that you are covered.


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Hair Accessories
Bobby pins and hair ties are a girl’s best friend. They make the perfect quick fixes when there is something wrong with your hairdo. Trust us, nothing comes handy than bobby pins, clips and hair ties. To avoid being a total mess, just try one of these and you will be back in action in no time.

Power Bank
It's always a good idea to keep an extra power bank or charger handy, because if your phone dies while you're trying to get a picture of that hilarious gift your cousin got at the wedding, you're going to feel really out of touch when everyone else is sharing it.

You will meet a lot of people and you can't go wrong with having extra deodorant. 

Earring Backs
We have a habit of losing the backs of our earrings. It's always a good idea to bring extras just in case.

First Aid Kit
Band-aids, sprays, and creams are very important to keep in your first aid kit. You want to be prepared if you or someone else gets injured.


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Mini Sewing Kit
It is always recommended to keep a spare set of essentials on hand. In case something goes wrong with your wedding dress, it will save the day. So have a pair of scissors, thread, and needles handy.

Pads / Tampons
Don’t forget to carry a pad or tampon. This can be very useful when you least expect it and you don’t want to ruin your wedding dress!

Don’t ruin your lipstick nor the wedding dress while you sip that drink on your big day. That's why it's best to carry your straw.

Stain Remover Pens
Whether it's a simple stain, or a bigger issue, like if you spilled wine on your dress, these pens are going to be your saviour. They remove the toughest of stains and leave your clothes looking as good as new.

Safety Pins
Safety pins can save any day. Any outfit trouble and they are the go-to. 

Wet Wipes
There is no question that it is good to have a pack of wet wipes at your side. They can be used for the mildest of situations such as slight makeup smears and sticky fingers. 

A hair or two inevitably remain after you wax, thread, use epilators, etc. A tweezer is a must-have for an emergency kit; tweezers enable you to easily pluck that hair from your eyebrows and underarms.
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