Things To Consider Before Buying A Baby Monitor

by | January 7, 2021, 12:16 IST

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Being a parent is a lovely experience, but it can also be extremely stressful at times. The health and care for the child can keep parents sleep-deprived and tired while attending the child at all times. Running to check on the sleeping baby every few minutes or not being able to leave the baby unattended when alone can affect your whole routine. Even bathroom breaks can be a nightmare. No wonder, most parents find it difficult to get even the basic chores done. We can only imagine how difficult it must be for single parents.

However, this issue can be addressed with the help of some good research and technology. If you're a parent and want some time and space to get things done or maybe take some time off in the other room, consider investing in a trusted good ol' baby monitor.

The invention of baby monitors has made things a lot easier for parents. This simple device can help you keep a check of the baby while being in a different room. All worries about continuously running to the room to see whether or not the baby is awake or crying is all gone. The baby monitor is a basic screen that is connected to the camera that gives you live updates of the baby, sends you live video feed and even lets you hear sound from the baby's room. Just keep it close to your dearest and carry on with your work.

Scroll below to get a lowdown of things that one should always keep in mind before investing in a baby monitor.

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Video And Sound Quality
The video quality of the baby monitor is one of the most important factors to consider. Before buying a baby monitor you should always test it out to your heart's content. Sound quality also matters; it helps you to hear all sounds from around your baby. Baby monitor that does not pick up on the background noise is always recommended.

The Different Variety Of Baby Monitors
Currently, there are lots of baby monitors present in the market. To select the best one that fits your lifestyle is important. There are audio and video monitors, digital monitors as well as wireless network monitors. All of these are incredibly helpful, and opting for one can be an easy task with regards to your needs and requirements.

Light Activation
This feature comes extremely handy. If the baby monitor is kept on mute or if the volume is considerably low, then knowing whether the baby is awake or not becomes difficult. An easy way to solve this problem is to opt for a baby monitor that has light activation on sound. In any case a sound is picked from the room, the light in the monitor is automatically switched on.

Night Vision
If you are planning on making your baby sleep in its room, pick a monitor with night vision feature. It will help you keep an easy eye on the baby while being you catch up on sleep. The night vision is a must-have feature as it allows you to see your baby and it's surroundings even in dark.

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Scroll below to checkout some pros and cons of a baby monitor

A baby monitor helps the parent to keep an eye on the baby while attending to other chores
It is a great option that can be used for short emergency travels. You can easily check on the baby
Baby monitors have night visions too, so it is a go-to gadget that can help the parents to know when the baby is awake without continuously going to the room

A baby monitor right now is not the most common device, so it is a little bit more expensive
Signal interference can cause hindrance and connectivity issue with the baby monitors
It can also lead to more anxiousness as one can continuously see every single activity of the child.

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