Things I Get To Listen As A Native From Bihar

by | October 25, 2021, 17:33 IST

Bihari Modi

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Google defines stereotypes, as a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. Nowhere does it say that it is an ideology that can't be defied or an assumption that can't be questioned. You know what? The trajectory has been changed a little over the years now when it comes to these misconceptions. Now people don't disgrace you for being a certain kind but they applaud you for not being a certain kind. Confused, right? I feel the same when I hear such things from my friends, my colleagues, or the people around me regarding me being a native 'Bihari'! Here are a few stereotypical assumptions about Bihari natives and I tell you, we need to stop!

  • You Don't Have The 'Bihari Accent'

Yes, we have a certain diction when we talk, which is because of effect of speaking the native language 'Bhojpuri'. But there are people like me, whose family migrated from the state and were raised in different places but Bihar. Want to hear more? Some of us don't even know Bhojpuri *culture shocked?* So, not all of us use 'Hum' when we talk, guys!

  • Your Parents Are Supportive For Your Career? That's Surprising!

First of all, Excuse me! Me and my younger sister ( ya, we are two daughters and ya our parents didn't continue procreating in order to have a 'heir', and they love us with their whole heart- another misconception settled!) are born to incredible parents. They have not 'allowed' us to pursue our life the way we want; neither did we ask for their permission because there were no restrictions in the first place. Not all women are oppressed from the community. Sigh.

  • You Are  SoWell-Mannered And Soft Spoken

For the heavens sake what does that even mean? Is that a compliment? Because it rather feels insulting from the receiving end. We live in the same society as others. Our parents teach us the same values as yours. We know decency is the best trait in someone's behavior. We understand we can't expect to be treated well when we don't do it to others. What the hell is wrong with you guys, honestly?

  • Your English Is Too Good For A Bihari

I think learning something, and learning it well is really all about an individual person's approach, effort, and retention. Why someone's reginality comes into play here is beyond me.

  • Have You Applied For UPSC Entrance Yet?

Just one thing- no, I haven't, because I don't want to be an IAS, IPS, or Collector. End of discussion. 

These stereotypes roots much deeper than it seems. The demonstration of a 'Bihari' in any entertainment alone sweeps all of our hard work. I would like to put some light on it too.

    1. We don't have to belong to a metropolitan city in order to dress elegantly.
  • We know what dating, clubbing, and pubbing is.
  • We binge watch netflix too! And the same shows like y'all. We hear metal, jazz, and pop music too. COLDPLAY & BTS are my personal favorites.
  • Not all of us eat 'Gutka' and spit on the wall. MONICA GELLER from F.R.I.E.N.D.S resembles my spirit actually! 

Do I need to add more? I am ready to accept the prepositions that stereotypes are based on reality. Indeed they are. But there are exceptions to everything. Don't generalise anything blindly. Because it really- really affects the person's  confidence, mood, and morale who has been addressed to all of these misconceptions. And they spend their lives defying these notions which are stamped on them because of others. I think we all have better things to do than proving our worth to others and simply lead our lives beautifully.

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