These 3-Steps Are All You Need To Follow For Viral Sunburnt Cheeks Trend

by | July 19, 2022, 21:42 IST


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Let me just start by asking, how much blush is too much blush? Before you get thinking about the 100 layer challenge, that’s not the level of absurdness that I’m talking about. But, we live in 2022 and I’d be lying if I said that the world isn’t big on blushes. From liquid tints to cream pots and powder-based ones too, the world of blushes exploding like never before. And, newer blush trends take the internet by storm on a fortnightly basis. Do you agree? However, today, I’ll talk about a trend that’s inspired from the era of all things vintage. Enter sunburnt cheeks. Pretty and natural-looking, this kinda flush is literally *everything*. Plus, it’s Hailey Bieber-approved. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s how you can get the look.

1. Skin + Base
For starters, cream-based pigments and healthy skin and the founding pillars of this look. You don’t wanna slap cream blush on cheeks with clogged pores and augment the damage. So, start with a cleansed and hydrated base. Go in with the usual moisturiser and sunscreen. After applying either a concealer or a tinted moisturiser, the skin is the best condition to begin the blush work.

2. Colour & Contour
Keep a cream- and powder-based blush around. Yes, you’ll need both to pull off this look at its best. Start by dotting the cream-based product on – or slightly above – your cheekbones with your fingers to form a horizontal three shape. Once placed accurately, begin to blend it out. Make sure you’re not taking the blush below the cheekbones – you don’t want it to do the job of a bronzer. The mantra to ace the sunburnt flush: diffuse and build. Keep blending, keep building, until you get a desired pay off. For an added sunburnt effect, mix in some illuminating cream or balm right there too.

Image: Instagram

3. Double The Drama
After you’re done with the cream-based product, switch to a fluffy brush and your powder-blush. Make sure the hues of both the finishes complement one another – it won’t work if one is coral and the other is pink. Start placing the blush on the same areas; brush it out well so as to prevent any patchiness whatsoever. You can focus a little more product at the apples and bridge of your nose to up the sunburnt finish.

And viola, you’re ready to glow with that sunburnt flush!

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