Tara Sutaria On Her Definition Of Beauty, Her Fragrance Picks & More

by | June 8, 2022, 19:18 IST

tara sutaria

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When we think of the new-age B-town girls that are on their way to becoming superstars, we think of Tara Sutaria. Striking the perfect balance between peak-high glamour and the girl-next-door vibe, Tara has been notching things up – be it her fashion looks, her beauty choices or her cinematic roles. I’m peculiarly inspired by her beauty looks – classic, minimalistic and relatable, and they only seem to be getting chicer than ever. Besides her alluring makeup looks, I was also curious about her take on fragrances. So, I decided to speak with her at length and learn about her tastes and choices straight from her.


What place does beauty, as a means of self-expression, hold in your life?

I know beauty is relative and that beauty can mean so many things to different people. Since I was little, both me and my twin sister have always believed that ‘beauty is as beauty does’. I say this all the time and I really do mean it. Your actions and the things that you do speak far louder than the way you look. If you think about it, (external) beauty can fade with time; the meaningful things that you do in life outlive everything.


tara sutaria

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You seem to have a great love affair with makeup. How does the right makeup make you feel?

When I was growing up, I was very insecure about so many things – the way I look, my body looks – the usual things that so many of us think about across ages. But, most often, makeup would make me feel very very pretty and special; I was performing a lot through theatre, and makeup was a big part of that as well. I learnt to do my makeup when I was in my teens, and now (funnily) my relationship with makeup is different – and though I love wearing makeup – I don’t feel as insecure about myself and that’s been a process in life. Hopefully, when I’m even older, I feel secure and don’t feel the need to cover up. Having said that, makeup has really made me feel at my best on special days … and I’m sure that’s the case with every girl.


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How would you describe your signature makeup look?

Always relatively nude shades. Lighter rather than heavier. And, if I go for a bold lip which is very very rare, then I like to keep everything else very minimal. But mostly I enjoy pinks, peaches, corals and nudes – those are my go-tos.



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What are 4 must-haves in your bag?

My speaker, a lip gloss, a pair of shades and my cell phone.


Let’s jump to fragrances, what’s the one perfume that you’re hooked to at the moment?

I’ve actually been loving this Click & Brush Perfume by Engage. I first used it on a shoot day after which I’ve been very very obsessed with it. It’s easy to carry, looks really nice and smells beautiful.



According to you, what does a fragrance tell about a person?

I feel like there are certain things that tell you a lot about a person; the first thing that we do when we meet someone is shake hands with them or lean in for a hug or a kiss and so, we sense the scent that they’re wearing. For me personally (without being judgy) it does tell me a lot about the person.


Is there a fragrance hack that you swear by?

I feel like it’s okay to mix and match, if you think that that works for you. It’s a very individualistic thing. The scent that you like to carry is very personal to you.


Finally, what do you want to tell someone who hasn’t taken a deep dive into the world of fragrances yet?

Try it, I feel like it could change your life. Scents to change our moods and feelings. If you’re having a bad day, spray on some of your favourite perfume and it could literally change your mood for good.


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