Stop these spine-hurting mistakes

by | June 7, 2018, 0:00 IST

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Posture is important – this childhood lesson has never been truer than today. Your posture can affect your spine – compressing nerves or discs and leading to bigger issues. What’s more, when your spine is not in alignment, you are susceptible to muscle sprains and aches. And with all the screens we’re addicted to, we’re all hunching over quite a lot. So shake yourself up, straighten yourself up and get on the road to good posture.
Get smart about your smartphone
woman looking smartphone
Don’t let your smartphone hold you captive; hold it up such that your spine and head are held straight, and your eyes are level with the screen.  

Bend it like Back-feels-good
Always bend from the knees and hips, not your back. Either squat or use a bent-knee stance to avoid over-stretching the muscles connected to your spine.

Sit down like a spine superstar
Imagine a string from your head to the ceiling drawing you up, absolutely straight. Hold for five seconds. Release slightly, up to 10 degrees, fold your legs at the knee, at right angles to the floor – this is your best sitting posture. 

Read or watch TV from the spine
Follow the sitting posture as outline above, using cushions for a slightly relaxed stance. Remember to hold your book up to your eyes or watch TV straight on.
Climb stairs right 
Climb stairs right
Practise climbing stairs tilting slightly forward. Experiment shifting your body weight to the front, whether to the balls of your feet or your entire torso.
Say goodbye to heels
checking footwear
It’s sad but true – heels are the worst for spinal health. They force the back into contortions and uneven weight distribution. Choose flats with good arch support for optimal spine health.

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