Tips to stay safe in the streets

by | March 8, 2018, 2:30 IST

Mix reality with idealism. Reclaim the streets, but cautiously. We all know to avoid badly lit areas or lonely places. But what else can you do, especially when you’re alone or with just one other person? Think smart and practise these stay-safe tips.

Walk facing traffic

Tips to stay safe in the streets
Ideally, you’d walk on pavements. But when there are none, choose to walk facing incoming traffic. That way, you always know when a car is approaching, even if the road is deserted.
Wear bright and light colours
Bright colours during the day, light clothing at night – this ensures that you’re noticed by drivers and other pedestrians. 

Keep the volume down
Tips to stay safe in the streets
It’s tempting to drown out all the traffic and bustle. But keep the volume of music down to a level where you can still hear horns or have the time to respond to warnings on a quieter road. This also means that you’ll be able to hear steps or sounds, and be more aware of your surroundings.
Keep the phone in your hand, but don’t use it 
Texting, taking selfies, playing games – save them for when you’re indoors. Clutch your phone in your hand while you’re walking, but don’t use it. You’re holing on to it so you can call for help or use it as a weapon.

Keep your keys handy

Tips to stay safe in the streets
No more fumbling at front doors or car doors. Keep your keys handy, in a pocket or outside zip. This also means that they’re easily accessible to be used as a weapon.
Wear footwear that you can run in

Tips to stay safe in the streets
If you’re wearing heels, try to cab it. If you’re walking, opt for flats or shoes you can run in.

“The views, opinions and recommendations expressed in this article are solely those of the author and intended as an educational aid. Please consult your doctor for professional advice concerning specific health/medical matters”
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