Spa treatments to pamper yourself with this season

by | October 12, 2018, 19:12 IST

The end of the year is typically packed with parties, sumptuous spreads and tipsy celebrations. Well-being tends to take a back seat. So, it’s rather natural for people to want to recharge, revive and restore their health in the new year. Here are some spa treatments to help you overcome the overindulgences. Detox away.

Candle massage

candle massage

Melted candle wax is known to have healing properties. For ages now, it has been used to relieve muscle soreness. Recommend an aroma oil-infused candle massage to your client. Sumita Baidya, spa therapist and expert masseuse at Ananta Wellness, Ahmedabad, says, “A candle massage is a great option for a detox. As the hot wax is massaged on the body, you will feel your stress melt away. Your muscles will relax and your skin will start feeling nourished.”

Oxygen-infused spa

Oxygen-infused spa

It is popular with spa-goers across the world. Your client will love being cocooned in an au naturel wrap that releases pure oxygen, which is then absorbed by the body. The treatment helps the skin rid itself of impurities. When followed by an aroma oil massage, it is the perfect way to get glowing, clean skin.



Gharshana is an effective ayurvedic treatment to counter the effects of overindulgence. It is a dry massage that refreshes and stimulates the skin to rid it of accumulated toxins. This exfoliating treatment is done by gently rubbing different parts of the body. A gharshana massage must be administered using raw silk gloves. This helps in enhancing blood circulation through the body, activating the lymphatic system and neutralising the energy field within the body. It is a great way to revive the body and give it an instant energy boost. To make the experience truly enriching, follow up with a warm herbal oil massage. It enhances the effects, as the body is better prepared to absorb oil post the scrubbing and exfoliation.



This one-of-its-kind massage therapy is a rage in the west and is gaining popularity in India too. It is basically a salt treatment that has amazing effects on the skin, lungs and overall health. But it does not work like a traditional massage. In this therapy, your client sits and breathes in a room where the walls are covered with a thick layer of rock salt and the floor is lined with sea salt granules. Halotherapy must be administered in an ambience that is calm and relaxing. Install a vent in the room to house the halo generator. This pump will disperse tiny salt particles, which your client will then breathe in, thus inhaling its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The particles enter the respiratory system, dissolve the impurities in the body and help eliminate toxic substances through natural body processes. This treatment is particularly effective if you have skin allergies and chest ailments.

Anti-cellulite massage

anti cellulite massage

One of the biggest complaints after the party season is weight gain, which increases the appearance of cellulite. Dietician Zinal Vavadia says, “Only a good diet and regular exercise can help you get rid of the pounds and control your waistline. An anti-cellulite detox massage can trigger this process.” This massage stimulates the tissues around the cellulite clusters. This leads to improved blood circulation, lymphatic functions and a rise in metabolism.

The common essential oils used in an anti-cellulite massage are jojoba, juniper, rosemary, fennel and cinnamon oils. They have medicinal and healing effects, which can help ease muscle strain, improve blood circulation and aid in the detoxification of the body.

Shiro Abhyanga Nasya

Shiro Abhyanga Nasya

The Shiro Abhyanga Nasya involves a massage of the head, face, neck and shoulder with warm herbal oils. It is followed by herbal steam treatment of the face and chest. Finally, herbal nose drops are administered. The treatment cleanses the body from within and brings about a harmony between the body, mind and soul. Recommend it to your client as it offers a myriad of benefits. You get better sleep, and it also alleviates chest congestion and provides relief from acquired allergies. Just remember to ask the masseuse to keep the massage strokes firm and work on the body’s pressure points to help release anxiety and tension from the mind and body.

Water-bed therapy

Water-bed therapy

This one is a post-party favourite and never falls out of favour. Encourage your clients to take this fun and rejuvenating therapy, in which they just have to plop themselves comfortably on a bed made of water and float away. The lack of gravity brings about a relaxation of tensed muscles. This therapy helps deal with insomnia, speeds relaxation and soothes exhausted muscles.
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