SEVENTEEN's 1st In-Person Show In Seoul After 2 Years Ends On A High Note

by | April 2, 2022, 2:29 IST


Photo courtesy: PLEDIS Entertainment


For the first time since their Ode To You tour over two years ago, all 13 members of the K-pop sensation SEVENTEEN performed live for CARATs, their fans, for three days in Seoul from March 25 to 27 during their sixth fan meeting, called SEVENTEEN in Caratland.

For over four hours each day, the band put together high-octane performances, talk segments and games. They connected with global fans who were eagerly waiting to see them perform on the final day through a live stream along with the offline event, with multi-view technology that provided online viewers access to 14 different angles to the show!


Because of the COVID-19 regulations, fans present at Jamsil Olympic Stadium were prohibited from screaming and verbal cheering. Instead, they were given paper clappers and encouraged to bring their own SEVENTEEN sogos. Not that this dampened the spirit of the event at all!

The band began the event with a scintillating performance of Shining Diamonds from their debut EP 17 Carat. Featuring unit tracks AH! LOVE, Light a Flame, HEY BUDDY, Do Re Mi, and fan favourites such as To You, Smile Flower, and VERY NICE, the show unfolded a story of growth in the band’s musical spectrum and the unique interplay of the three units—hip-hop, vocal and performance—within the team.


In their closing remarks on the final day, SEVENTEEN said, “We hope to meet with you a lot more this year. Thank you for being our source of hope and courage in moving forward, and we look forward to making many more great memories with you,” hinting at the possibility of a world tour this year!

A surprise reveal of new logos designed to represent SEVENTEEN and CARAT followed the final show. The renewed logo for SEVENTEEN consists of three lines that represent the three units, in the shape of a penrose triangle that reflects the band’s unstoppable energy. The first-ever logo for CARAT mirrors the shape of the band’s, highlighting their significance as a part of ‘TEAM SEVENTEEN.’


There is a lot more excitement coming our way this year as SEVENTEEN unveiled plans to return with their fourth full-length album in May. But even before that, they will release their first English-language single on April 15. We cannot wait!

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