Samantha Prabhu Learns From Mentor Nandhini Reddy’s Indefatigable Spirit

by | March 8, 2022, 12:21 IST

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

In Her, I Believe
They say behind every successful person, there is that nudge received from someone else. We believe that our mentors hold our hands when needed, offer us hope when there is none, have faith in us at times we don’t and help us be better human beings. We feature such women to prove to be great mentors

“I admire Nandhini Reddy’s indefatigable spirit”

Actor Samantha Ruth Prabhu is grateful for the strength, courage and support she has received from director Nandhini Reddy

If there is one person whose indefatigable spirit I admire and am surprised by, it is film director Nandhini Reddy. It’s not easy being a woman director in our industry with all the additional scrutiny and doubts. In all the time I have known her, she has never let the constant cynicism discourage her. Instead, she’s grown as a person, and I’m blessed to have her as a mentor and a friend.

“Nandhini has played a huge part in my life and in helping my career take flight. She has time and time again offered astute guidance – be it regarding the movies I select or the way I approach playing a nuanced character. She’s very intuitive about the way this film industry functions and has been very generous in sharing that wisdom with me. Her journey has gone from strength to strength thanks to her many years of experience. I’m so glad that she’s always just a phone call away.

“Through the adversities and difficult moments, Nandhini has been there for me like my rock. I remember back in 2013 when I wasn’t keeping well, she would come every day to check on me. In another instance, I was going through a rough patch and was so low that I was reluctant to go shoot. To boost my confidence, she actually did a test shoot and, boy, did it help! She’s that one person in this industry who has seen my highest highs and lowest lows from such close quarters. I love that she inspires me to be a better friend and believes in me.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

“We are a lot alike, be it in our sense of humour, in our way of talking, thinking and in terms of the respect and esteem we have for our craft. Our many similarities have had a huge positive impact on me. The two of us take our jobs very seriously and bring the same level of diligence and excitement to every project we take on; we treat it like it’s our first. The nervous energy pushes us to put our best foot forward.

“The wisest nugget of wisdom that I have received from Nandhini and would like to pass on is to never take your job or the people you work with for granted. It’s a true blessing to be a part of such a creative field, to tell these incredible stories and to entertain people. So, I’d definitely not look a gift horse in the mouth and instead give the job my all!” 

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