Revamp Interiors With The Asian Paints Colour Of The Year Transcendent Pink

by | May 30, 2022, 11:43 IST


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Looking to give your new home a personal touch with the right décor? Or perhaps you want to redecorate your favourite nook to suit your personality! You’re in luck, because Asian Paints has curated their own collection of décor, furniture and furnishings, in line with the trends of ColourNext 2022.

Now in its 19th edition, Asian Paints ColourNext is the voice of trend forecasting in the Indian subcontinent, known for its exemplary insights on colour and décor trends. By researching the socio-cultural trends of the year and its influences on colour, design and lifestyle, ColourNext 2022 has announced Transcendent Pink as the most anticipated Colour of the Year. With a mature transitional quality, akin to our ever-expanding consciousness, this colour is a combination of blue and red, a greyish purple, that represents a mind that has the ability to synthesise new knowledge and old wisdom, and harness both. This is a colour that encourages us to believe, arise and create anew. While 2021 was a year of major changes and lessons, 2022 is the year for taking everything in our stride and marching on. A time to shake off stigma and stereotypes and keep growing like a sapling sprouting through the surface of the earth. Transcendent Pink helps you break free from the invisible shackles that bind you, liberating you to live a life as free as a sailor, riding every tide. The Hamburg Sofa, Bijouehand tufted rug, and Lezzarro Dining Chair in Transcendent Pink are elegant décor products that can be fashionable additions to one’s home.

Without much ado, dive in and find out how you can redecorate or amp up your interiors with this refreshing colour.

#1 Start With The Walls


Redoing the walls is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your interiors. Paint an accent wall in Transcendent Pink while keeping other elements neutral. You can also use plain or patterned wallpaper. Pick a niche to be subtle or choose the biggest wall for some drama.

#2 Add Accents

You can keep the walls plain and use Transcendent Pink as bursts of colour across your space. Pick a handful of throw pillows or cushions in varying sizes and place them across living spaces strategically. Add a mix of patterns and solids to keep things interesting. You can also choose other furnishings like drapes or area rugs in this colour. If you're a DIY fan, how about reupholstering chairs or painting a side table in the Colour of the Year! You can also add light fixtures or plant pots in this colour around your home or office.

#3 Adorn The Walls
Just refurnished your home and don't want to undertake the mammoth task again? No worries! Simply add Transcendent Pink to your walls in the form of art. Consider indulging in some me-time and make your own art pieces to display. You can also hang up mirrors on walls to reflect light and make your space seem bigger; remember to use frames in the Colour of the Year. You can also decorate walls with photographs; think black and white images in arty frames or simple ones in Transcendent Pink.
With inputs from experts from a range of disciplines across architecture, art, interiors, fashion, sociology and more, ColourNext’s research shows that in 2022, the mood is to take challenges in our stride and remaining undeterred. As Asian Paints Colour of the Year Transcendent Pink, celebrates fascinating pivots and powerful transitions, join in and revel in the specially curated collection of products available for view and purchase on the ColourNext website shop category. Get started on the home or office of your dreams!
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