We’re Obsessed With Ranveer Singh, And Him With His Sunglasses

by | July 6, 2022, 0:11 IST

Ranveer Singh Sunglasses

Image: Instagram

Do you know what's discussed more than Deepika Padukone's fashion? Ranveer's fashion. Some would even call this internet-led battle of 'Who dressed better?' a sort of healthy competition. And us, the netizens and documents of style alike, are coming out winning with more looks to get inspired by, no matter who wins. But we're not here to talk about Ranveer's sartorial style – that has been dissected ad nauseam.

We, too, are guilty of engaging in countless conversations with his stylist, Nitasha Gaurav, trying to figure it out. She even candidly once told us how she knew that Ranveer already had it in him to be this extravagant with his style, and how together they just voiced it better. But we are going to talk about his fashion, well, at least a facet of it, that has become an incongruous part of his personality and style narrative: his sunglasses.

Ranveer Singh Sartorial Style
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It took a handful of open tabs and an ability to sniff a trend from a mile to recognise the relationship between the actor and his sunglasses – snazzy, ostentatious, and ever-changing – just like his mood and personality.

Ranveer Singh Sunglasses Style
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If you thought his looks are outlandish (some of the internet's most important battles have been fought over polarized opinions on his looks), his glasses were even more so.

Ranveer Singh Outlandish Looks
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Tinted, chunky, geometrical, and anything but ordinary like the aviators once famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun (nothing against aviators or Tom Cruise), his daring glasses made us see the accessory in a new light (pun totally intended).

Ranveer Singh Famous by Tom Cruise
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Cishet men can't be maximalists without looking like they're peacocking? Who wrote those rules anyway?

Cishet Ranveer Singh
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And who said there can't be more than one statement accessory or that people don't need sunglasses in the dark?

Ranveer Singh and His Sunglasses
Image: Instagram

Anyway, that's all for now. Hope we've inspired you to think, "Will Ranveer approve of my sunglasses?" every time you put a pair on. And, more importantly, we hope that it's inspired you to put them on. Trust him to be your shining light on this road to great fashion.

Ranveer Singh Great Fashion
Image: Instagram
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