Pistachios: Nutrition In A Nutshell

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t pistachios - nutrition in a nutshell

Tasty and healthy, California Pistachios are wholesome and nourishing, and can be enjoyed any time

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced people indoors, the focus on cultivating healthy and nutritious eating habits has sharpened significantly. With outdoor activities and exercises restricted owing to safety concerns, many people are worried that freely indulging in snacks like they did in the past might have adverse effects on their health. Diet-conscious people are switching to plant-based proteins that have fewer calories and less fat than animal-based protein. The good news is that you don’t have to kill your cravings; you can simply switch to healthier snacks that are just as tasty but much more wholesome. Take pistachios, for instance. High in fibre content, California Pistachios are, quite literally, nutrition in a nutshell!

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A Year-Round Food For Health-Conscious Consumers

People are increasingly becoming concerned about the quality and health benefits of food products. The rise of veganism has boosted the demand for plant-based alternatives, and young working professionals are looking for snacks that have health benefits. Parents, too, are planning more wholesome, nutritious and functional diets for their kids. California Pistachios tick all the right boxes for health-conscious consumers; they are wholesome, nourishing, and tasty, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day and year.

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Big Serving And Great Taste

Besides being a crunchy snack, California Pistachios are bursting with fibre, protein and healthy fats. Moreover, you get more pistachios per serving – about 49 pistachios, as compared to 23 almonds or 18 cashew nuts. Pistachios are not just a garnishing ingredient or a dry fruit to be had alongside meals; they are also a wholesome snack to satisfy your hunger pangs. Unlike potato chips, pistachios offer a good source of protein and fibre, with more than three times as many pieces per 28g serving.

The Secret Is In The Shell 

The secret to pistachios’ satiating and nutritious quality lies as much in the shell as in the nut! Not just that, all California Pistachios are in-shell and this helps you to avoid mindless snacking. How? Well, the process of cracking open pistachio shells might slow you down during snack time. The empty shells might be a visual cue that helps snackers eat more mindfully.

Enjoy The Nutritious Benefits Of California Pistachios

  • California Pistachios offer a good balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat.
  • California Pistachios contain six grams of plant protein per 28g serving.
  • California Pistachios are a good source of fibre, containing three grams of fibre per 28g serving.
  • 30 California Pistachios provide around 100 calories and serve as a delicious snack with both crunch and flavour.
  • Nuts are a “diabetes superfood,” according to the American Diabetes Association. Pistachios are a great snack for people with diabetes.

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