My ex-boyfriend is stalling my marriage

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Question: Hi, I had dated a guy for a year and we mutually broke up four months back because we realised we were not compatible. I had issues with his close friendship with female friends and we only fought for the entire time we stayed together.

Now, I am having an arranged marriage and my ex-boyfriend is creating issues. He threatened my family that he won't let anything happen. My father and brother even went to his place to talk to his mother. She assured that he will not create any problems any more but he keeps on posting our photographs online and puts up statuses that says he still misses and loves me.

My fiance knows about it but I want to end this episode before I get married. I think my ex-partner is going through a very bad phase and is unable to accept that I have moved on. How should I deal with this situation? By Anonymous

Response by Ms. Rashi Ahuja: Hi, thank you for trusting us and sharing your query here. You are indeed in a very tough situation. However, I'm glad that your family knows about this and is standing by your side. I am also glad that your fiance knows about it as well. Being open with your loved ones only makes situations like these slightly easier to deal with.

In my opinion, a good idea would be to have a closure with your ex-boyfriend and past relationship. From what you have shared, it seems like he is very disturbed and feels hurt seeing you move on. Thus, having one last conversation with him and sharing how you feel about your relationship would probably make him feel at ease, irrespective of whether or not he likes what you say. Hearing from you may also give him a chance to clearly express his feelings to you. So far his actions seem out of retaliation and anger, talking to him and having an open communication may calm him down slightly. Further, in my opinion, everyone deserves one last conversation where they are given a chance to openly express themselves in a safe environment. In case you feel that he still doesn't stop and continue to harass you, you can always reach out to the police. However, you can use this as a last resort only and first try to deal with the situation at your level.

In case you need any more help please feel free to reach out to us.

- Ms. Rashi Ahuja is Senior Relationship Therapist at IWill Therapy App By EpsyClinic

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