Mrunal Thakur Tells Us Her Fave Beauty Hacks!

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Mrunal Thakur is proof that one can have a very successful career in television first and then crack the movie code too. Thakur is a treat to watch on screen, since every role she portrays, small or big, is packed with emotions, exceptional acting and lots of power. She made her bollywood debut in 2018 with Love Sonia, which fetched her a lot of praises and she’s been on a roll ever since. With releases such as Jersey alongside Shahid Kapoor lined up in the near future, we speak at length to her about her beauty and wellness choices.

What is the first thing you do when you open your eyes?
The first thing that I do when I wake up is check my phone (guilty!) and make sure to quaff a glass of warm water with lemon.

What is your morning skincare routine?
It is very important for us to wash our face and apply some moisturiser and SPF since we’re exposed to sun and dirt. Plus, the nature of my job demands travelling heavily, leaving my skin flaky, which is why I can’t do without moisturising my skin.

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What is that one skincare ingredient that you swear by?
Vitamin C is important. Thanks to my job, I’m always on my toes, which requires the body as well as the skin to be high on energy. After all, how much caffeine can one consume? (Laughs) That will dehydrate your skin further. In order for your skin to feel good and glowing, you must apply vitamin C. In case you cannot do that, drinking lemon water to the rescue. So, I’m either applying it topically or consuming it.

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What does an everyday breakfast look like?
I swear by the ABC (apple, beetroot and carrot) juice. It’s literally my go-to and I end up having it every other day. Second, eggs are necessary. As a Maharashtrian, my breakfast is incomplete without a bowl of upma, poha or dosa. I need the carbs to start my day and stay high on energy. Lastly, fruits are always a part of my breakfast spread. 

Is there a difference in your skincare and makeup routine on work and at-home days?
Absolutely! When I’m working, I apply a lot of face mask to restore the moisture, energy and glow of my skin that is compromised due to long hours of wearing makeup (it’s quite a torture!). I literally soak my skin with serums and moisturisers. Whenever I’m not shooting, I take the DIY route. I use natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tomato or any other fruit I find around house and apply it over my face too. Lip balm and SPFs are a must.

What is a skincare trend that you love and hate?
I’m a fan of those cool videos on facial massages and face sculpting. I’ve tried it too, with jade rollers, and it gives me a wonderful glow that is as good as a post-workout glow. I have also started practising face yoga, which is quite the thing now. There’s no trend that I particularly hate but I hate sleeping with makeup on.

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How do you manage end-minute hair removals during shoots?
I’m blessed to be associating with Nair India, a hair removal brand that’s making its way to India. Besides loving them for what they stand for which is 'Live on your own terms', their products are true saviours for end-minute hair removal woes. I love the upper lip strip that takes off the hair easily. I always have them in my bag. It’s a five-minute process that has cut down my visits to the salon.

Can you share a household beauty hack that you swear by?
Yes! I grow a lot of aloe vera in my garden. So, everytime I’m back home and have some time at hand, I make sure to remove the pulp and place it in the fridge. When it is cold, after about 20 minutes, I apply it over my face. It’s super soothing.

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What is your night-time skincare routine?
For starters, I remove my makeup and wash my face with a face cleanser and thoroughly moisturise it. I don’t hit the sack before consuming two glasses of water.

Do you have a bedtime ritual?
Yes, besides pampering my skin, I make sure I have a book and my iPad next to me. I like falling asleep either while reading something or watching something. I don’t recommend the latter, though. I’ve recently begun reading a lot of books and always keep a bottle of freshly-filled water beside my bed.

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What is the one book that you recommend everyone to read?
Since I’m madly in love with Rupi Kaur and her poems, I’d recommend her Milk & Honey to everyone. It’s suitable for everyone, including beginners. An easy read, it touches various aspects like self-love, self-care, success, body and more.

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What is your favourite form of workout? Why?
It depends on where I am. If I’m travelling and have access to the gym, nothing like it. Otherwise, I’m always carrying my skipping rope, thera band and TRX with me and fix it to a strong door and get my workout done. Or, I carry a yoga mat, which allows me to do Suryanamaskars. I also do some Pilates by following online videos. My team loves dancing (she laughs), so that’s a fun workout we indulge in every now and then. Apart from this, I love doing mixed martial arts, which I got into after Toofan. I love sparring too, I feel relaxed with it. Girls today should always know a skill for self-defence.

What is that one beauty advice that you'd like to give to your younger self?
We forget that we need to look beautiful for ourselves. I always tried to seek validation from others. I thought long hair, nicely done thin brows would make me look pretty and beautiful. But today, I’m so comfortable with my thick, bushy brows. During the lockdown, I went without doing my brows and upper lips and I was so okay with that. I think I’d tell myself to be free and listen to myself. Do what you feel is right with your skin and hair, even if it is wrong for others, just don’t care.

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How do you care for your hair?
Whenever I’m not shooting, I make sure I keep away from heat tools and let my hair breathe. If I have two or three days of no work, I apply a lot of oil on just my scalp to nourish it. I swear by aloe vera, so I apply it on my hair with natural conditioners like coconut oil and honey.

We see you experimenting a lot with makeup, what's your go-to kind of makeup?
Smoky eyes, anyday! I love smoky eyes, rather, I’m obsessed with them! Also, because eyes have the focus with our faces behind the mask, I love adding some drama to my eyes.

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What does beauty mean to you?
This one is tricky to articulate in words. But beauty for me is to be comfortable in your own skin. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. For me, beauty is something that cannot be compared and we must be thankful for what we have naturally and embrace the way we are. All you need to do is smile ear-to-ear and that’s beautiful.

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