Movies That Make The Best Use Of Your Children's Screen Time

by | June 23, 2021, 17:26 IST

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Parenting isn’t a walk in the park. With the current pandemic looming over our heads, there have been several changes in everyone’s lifestyle. This transformation has impacted children as well, to say the least. As both education and entertainment have occupied online resources, children find themselves glued to their gadgets, like never before. However, more efficient alternatives exist to make the best use of children’s screen time, like streaming inspiring movies. Here are some must-watch kid movies with great life lessons to impart to your children.
Up (2009)

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With themes of love, friendship, and adventure, Pixar’s Up revolves around the journey of a retired balloon salesman, Carl Frederickson, and a stowaway boy-scout, Russell. Carl decides to honour the memory of his dead wife by travelling up to Paradise Falls with his house in tow and forms an unlikely friendship with his companion Russell along the way. This animated movie, through its heartfelt scenes, conveys how time and age are just a number, so you should follow your dreams no matter what happens or how old you get. It showcases that while life is brimming with hurdles, we must persevere through these challenges and cherish the adventure called life. It’s also based on the significance of friendship and supporting your friends whenever needed.
Wonder (2017)

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If you want to show your kids a movie that touches on real-life situations instead of a simplistic fairytale, Stephen Chbosky’s Wonder should be at the top of your list. The plot follows August "Auggie" Pullman's journey, a ten-year-old boy with a facial deformity who is afraid of facing faces ostracisation for the way he looks. Through the love of his protective mother and his resilience, he learns to accept himself and gains the support of his friends as well. Told through varying perspectives, this tearjerker with a feel-good ending teaches you to take a stand for your friends and choose kindness, empathy, and acceptance over judging people for their dilemmas.
Brave (2012)

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Disney’s Brave centres around the adventures of Princess Merida as she rebels against marrying her air-headed betrothed and strives to gain freedom from her family’s desires. Merida, a fan-favourite character, doesn’t want to wait for a prince but wants to pave her own path by doing what she loves: archery. While she runs away to the forest to defy the will of her mother, she learns life-changing lessons along the way. If your children are above the age of seven, you must make them watch this movie to teach them to be courageous and independent. By focusing on the bond between mothers and daughters and intertwined with the theme of feminism, the story delivers an essential lesson on standing up for your beliefs and the power of familial bonds.
Wall-E (2008)

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Delving into the distant future, Andrew Stanton’s Wall-E is about a small waste-collecting robot Wall-E who travels to space to be with his love interest, a sleek probe, Eve. These two together embark on a journey that shapes the fate of the human race. This movie makes children ponder on the consequences of their actions and makes them aware of environmental problems like excess population and wastage. It teaches them to be conscious citizens and follow the three 'R's, namely reduce, reuse, and recycle, to make the world a better place.

Stream these wonderful movies for your children and teach them some valuable lessons that’ll be etched into their memory.

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