#MothersDay: Tips For Planning A Memorable Babymoon For Soon-To-Be Parents

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Are you going on a babymoon this year? Or have you recently learned that you are pregnant and are wondering if you should take one in the future? Perhaps you and your partner are thinking about having a kid and want to know what it entails. Whatever the case may be, we've got you covered. Here’s a quick guide on Babymoon and what to watch out for when planning one!

What Exactly Is A Babymoon?
A babymoon is comparable to a honeymoon, which is also a vacation to celebrate a special occasion. The babymoon serves many purposes:

• It's a great opportunity for a couple to spend some time together before the baby arrives.
• It's a great opportunity for you as a mother to rest and regenerate before the chaos of life with a newborn begins.
• The trip can also be a terrific adventure retreat to do something exciting that you enjoy doing as an individual before you get caught up in the responsibilities of motherhood.

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Now that you know what it entails here are some essential do’s and don’ts to ensure a great trip!

Don’t overdo it: You’re not in the same pre-baby state, so don’t expect to keep up the same pace. Remember to slow down with your vacation activities and take your time. Your mantra should be to “hydrate, rest and eat” regularly.

The second trimester is usually the best time to take a Babymoon trip. By this time in your pregnancy, the initial symptoms of discomfort (morning sickness, nausea, and fatigue) would have mostly faded away. You’ll have more energy; it will be safer to travel than in the third trimester.

Make it adventurous but remember to keep it safe. If you have the go-ahead from your doctors and are feeling up to it, try to plan something exciting and new.

Think about the food: don’t forget to consider the food variety available at the destination of your choice. You still need to keep yourself well-fed with nutritious, healthy, and wholesome meals.

Make sure to choose your destination wisely. A remote escape can be daring and exciting, but ensure that there are health practitioners, hospitals, and medical facilities available to you easily. You don’t want to be in a sticky situation regarding your health or the baby's.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all this information, and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry! Always begin with the trip location. Below we have some recommendations for destinations that would be perfect for a babymoon:

Shimla a perfect option for nature lovers. With colder climates and greenery galore, this would be the ideal babymoon spot for mountain, hill station and winter lovers.

Rajasthan is always a good idea. If you’re travelling from around the NCR region it is a car ride away: a fun road trip awaits. There’s plenty to admire in Rajasthan from monuments to art, markets and more. Plus, the list of luxurious resorts to choose from is endless. Jaipur or Udaipur would our top picks.

Darjeeling would be the best option for those looking to relax and do nothing at all. Infamous for its slow placed lifestyle, pleasant weather and legendary tea this would make for the perfect trip of ultimate relaxation.

Kerala in the south is a perfect place to unwind. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and coffee plantations from a wonderful villa. Or you may choose to rent out a houseboat on the backwaters for an unbeatable and luxe experience.

What To Pack?
Whatever be the destination, pack your stuff according to your needs. Put a hold on the cute vacation fits and think about comfortability and practicality. Pack breathable and airy fabrics for where it is warm, and warm woollens for the cold. Try to avoid extreme temperatures and keep yourself healthy and safe.

You’re now all set for the perfect babymoon. Remember to play it safe, you and your baby’s safety should be of utmost importance!

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