Makeup 101: Eyeshadow Do's And Don'ts ft. Bijal

by | March 5, 2021, 17:52 IST

Applying eyeshadow may not be as easy as it looks when you don’t know what you’re doing. You could go in with all the best eyeshadow palettes and have all the makeup brushes out there at your disposal but your eyeshadow application skills are what will matter most in the end. There are some basic rules to slaying the in-trend eye makeup look of 2021 ‘foxy eyes’ and the eyeshadows used to frame this eyeliner trend are self-toned and very au naturel. Take a cue from our beauty blogger Bijal on how to lay down your eyeshadow the right way. She divides both her eyes to display the dos and don'ts of applying eyeshadow so that you can see the results of both techniques.

Eye-Shadow Dos And Don'ts ft. Bijal

Do: Apply an eyeshadow base or primer and blend well.

Don't: Applying excess base primer as it is not required for this look.

Do: Opt for a base eyeshadow shade closer to your skin tone.

Don't: Use a super bright shade as it could make your eyes look tired and washed out.

Eye-Shadow Dos And Don'ts ft. Bijal

 Make sure to only spread the colour until the center of your eyelid, while applying it to your crease.

Don't: Drag the colour being applied to the crease all the way to the inner corners of your eyes.

Eyeshadow Makeup

Use an angled brush, it makes all the difference.

Don't: Use a regular eyeshadow brush as you will end up with a thick and untidy line.

Do: Blend the darker shade of eyeshadow only till the crease line.

Don't: Blend the darker shade above the crease and on your lower lash lines.

Eyeshadow Makeup Dos and Don'ts

Do: Use black eyeshadow to create a guideline for your eyeliner application in the next step. Create a wing with a black eyeshadow and blend it out for a smoky effect. This will make it easier to make a straight line while using your eyeliner.

Don't: Not creating a guide will lead to making a curvy wing, which isn’t going to look as great.

Guideline For Your Eyeliner

Do: Make the wing as thin as possible to get that foxy eye effect.

Don't: Make the winged lines thick.

Eyeliner Makeup

Do: Blend the liner, it will give you a sultry look.

Tip: A smoked-out look makes you look younger.

Do: Apply the mascara in the outward direction.

Don't: Apply mascara on your upper and lower lashes for this look.

Tip: Applying mascara in a downwards motion will make your lashes droop.

Do: Always complete your look with a concealer for a snatched effect!

We’re sure you can see a clear difference between the two eyes. Now go flaunt your new knowledge!

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