4 Feel-Good Movies That’ll Uplift Your Mood In No Time

by | April 28, 2022, 1:05 IST


If you were to ask me the one thing that always makes me feel better after a horrible day, I'd be quick to reply that apart from cuddling with my one-year old poodle, it’s watching feel-good movies. There’s just something about watching uplifting movies that instantly put you in a better head space, right? If you happen to agree, here are four films that will leave you feeling refreshed and full of joy.


Legally Blonde


This one’s a must watch especially if you’ve had a bad breakup recently and are convinced that you’ve lost your soulmate! The storyline is about a socialite, Elle, who gets enrolled at Harvard Law School to win back her douche boyfriend, who dumped her for not being serious in life. It’s here where she realises her true calling in life, makes true friends, and ends up falling for The One!


The Princess Diaries


Can you honestly say that you’ve never dreamt about being visited by your long lost grandmother and finding out that you’re royalty? The Princess Diaries is exactly about that and more. It’s about a girl-next-door who discovers that she’s a princess, has a fun makeover, falls in love and lives happily ever after!




Enchanted is about Princess Giselle who gets banished from the land of Andalasia by her lover’s evil step-mother. She is then transported to the real world where she walks straight in the arms of a lawyer and ends up falling for him. If there’s ever a movie that will put you in a better mood and make you think of sunshine and rainbows, it’s this!


Crazy, Stupid, Love


Crazy, Stupid, Love is one of the best rom-comes ever! The plot revolves around a middle-aged man, Cal, who has been married to his high-school sweetheart, Emily for 25 years. After she confesses to cheating on him, he bumps into Jacob, who teaches him how to dress better and meet women. However, things get crazy after Cal realises that Jacob is his daughter’s boyfriend! This is one of those films that’ll make you laugh until you cry!


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