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Hair Health

Your hair is a great barometer of your general health. A receding hairline or excessive hair fall might point to a deeper problem. The condition of your hair and health are intertwined, because your hair’s health depends on your hormones being stable, and also on your body being nutritionally sound. In small but significant ways, your hair is telling you what to pay attention to. Here’s how to listen with care. If you have any of these hair woes, it is time to figure out the real reason for it and find a suitable remedy that works on the root cause.

Hair Fall Happens Because of Poor Hair Health

Hair fall can be a worry

Hair fall is perhaps one of the main worries when it comes to hair problems. Nothing upsets a woman more than seeing lumps of hair on the floor or on a hairbrush. But finding out the real cause is important to treat it right. It’s normal for dead hair to fall and be replaced. So, a loss of about 150 strands daily is normal. But when hair loss exceeds this number, it’s referred to as pathological hair loss and is a cause for concern. You must consult a professional to help assess the extent of the problem.

Additionally, topical treatments and solutions can work to reduce the problem, too. Make sure that the products you use are natural, organic, and free of chemicals that can add to the damage. The Indulekha Bringha Anti Hair Fall range prevents hair fall, has ayurvedic proprietary medicine, contains the power of nine bringha plants, has no added colour or fragrance, restores the natural goodness of your hair, and improves hair health.

Hair Thinning can be Because of Stressful lifestyle which will weaker your Hair Health

Thinning coverage could be due to a stressful lifestyle

Hair thinning is the beginning of hair fall problems and shows that your mane is not very healthy. Before it gets worse, take the necessary action. It can be caused by too many hair treatments, damaging hair habits, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal problems like PCOS. It could also be a genetic issue or caused by ageing. It is important to check with your doctor to determine the cause. Once you've been diagnosed, you can choose from a variety of methods to treat the issue, including PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy to balance the system. It can also be caused by a condition called chronic telogen effluvium, which is a type of excess hair shedding in women lasting longer than six months, which needs to be treated appropriately,.

Itchy, scaly scalp can be because of poor Hair Health

Itchy, scaly scalp can be annoying

Not only is itching your scalp too much embarrassing, it can also be an underlying cause for something more serious. An itchy scalp can point to low sebum levels. The cause may be stress, fatigue, or an allergy to certain substances in haircare products. This makes it vital to wisely choose shampoos and conditioners. For example, Indulekha is an all-natural, ayurvedic scalp oil that is prepared by using extracts from Bringharaj (Eclipta Alba), Shvetakutja (Wrightia Tinctoria), amla, neem and other precious herbs. Regular massages with this oil, as well as ensuring a well-balanced and nutritious meal, can help.

Split ends can be due to stress and because of that poor Hair Health

Split ends can be due to stress on your tresses

When your hair starts to split into two, it is time to take notice and fix it. Lack of keratin causes split ends and there are several reasons for this. It can happen if the hair is worked too hard while heat styling without any application of a heat protectant product or if your dryer is too strong or too close to the hair strands during a blow-dry. Other causes are rubbing of the hair on the pillow when you sleep or for long hair, rubbing against clothing. Cut down on extensive hair treatments like colouring and blow-drying. Too much hair trauma causes split ends and breakage. Heal your locks with regular oiling.

Using an all-natural hair oil like the Indulekha Bringha Oil means you’re giving your hair the royal treatment. It contains the beneficial properties of specific medicinal herbs which have been widely used for hair care treatment from the ancient times. Indulekha hair oil is a unique blending of herbs like Bringha aloe vera, amla and neem, yasthi, karpura and draksha. These are the key herbs of traditional ayurvedic medicine regarding haircare and as effective elements to enhance hair growth. All these herbs mix and blended in a base of pure and virgin coconut oil to produce Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil.

Dull hair can be a result of bad diet which is also a sign of Hair Health

Dull hair can be a result of bad diet

Does your hair look lifeless and limp? If it has lost its sheen, it is because you probably are not eating right. You’re either eating too much junk food or are dehydrated. These foods do not have any nutrition but are just loaded with calories and that affects your hair too. Include lots of vegetables, fruits, and proteins in your diet, and stay away from foods that increase cortisol levels in the system, such as refined sugars or maida. Moreover, one must avoid all products, shampoos or conditioners, containing silicone or parafin. These substances might make your hair shine but eventually, they will tarnish it more. Do not abuse either anti-dandruff or volumising shampoos, they all contain ingredients that will in time deplete the keratin in your hair. For a healthier alternative, you can choose the Indulekha Bringha Shampoo, a gentle formula that contains natural ingredients, and is the perfect solution to restore moisture and life to dull tresses.

Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Hair

Dos and don’ts for beautiful, healthy hair

Want hair that is glossy, silky and healthy? You can get it by following a few simple rules that will keep your mane long and strong.

Do's for Healthy Hair


1. Choose a shampoo or conditioner meant for your hair. Consult a dermatologist or opt for a traditional, all-natural formula like the Indulekha Bringha Shampoo or the Indulekha Bringha Hair Cleanser.
2. Use a thermal protector before drying or straightening your hair. Using a few drops of the Indulekha Bringha Oil on damp hair can be equally effective.
3. Follow a healthy, balanced diet.
4. Avoid super-tight hairstyles that promote breakage or hair loss, or alternate with more relaxed hairstyles.
5. If you notice sudden hair fall that doesn’t stop, consult a hair specialist who can guide you.


1. Do not wash hair too often as this dries out the hair causing it to re-grease faster. Make sure to use natural, chemical-free formulas like the Indulekha Bringha Shampoo when cleaning your hair and scalp.
2. Avoid shampoos that contain too much sodium sulfate as it damages the hair.
3. Do not untangle hair with a brush, especially wet hair, which is more elastic and prone to breakage. Also, do not brush too often. Once in the morning and once at night is more than enough. Avoid vigorously rubbing hair as this weakens the strands. Towel dry hair delicately.
4. Do not wash hair with water that’s too hot or too cold. This can burn or activate overproduction of sebum on the scalp.
5. Avoid applying hair oil before exposure to heat such as the sun or a hair iron as this can damage the hair. There are special heat-resistant oils for this purpose.

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