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by | June 24, 2022, 19:27 IST

Batman restaurant - main

Image: Instagram/@parkrowlondon

A Batman-themed fine-dining restaurant in London allows yourself to indulge in style a la Bruce Wayne

Gotham City of the DC Universe is more than just the home of Bruce Wayne aka Batman. It is an enchanting world that draws you in and fascinates you. If you’re done with watching all the movies, and touring the Warner Bros Studios movie sets, it’s time to put dining
a la Batman on your itinerary on your next trip to London.

Park Row, a new restaurant on Brewer Street in Central London, is inspired by
Batman. Set within the ballroom of a former hotel, the fine-dining establishment is the brainchild of James Bulmer, a well-known restaurateur, and created in partnership with DC and Warner Bros. This is a classy European restaurant – not one in which you will find a statue of Batman or memorabilia to take photographs with, nor will you be surprised by the bat logo being projected on a far wall. 

Bulmer is quoted to have said that he wanted diners to be transported into the narrative of Bruce Wayne’s early years as Batman, in a space that is a real-life movie set and adult playground, more representative of the newest movie with the superhero,
The Batman. Expect, therefore, a glamorous dining environment that is comfortable and with just a touch of comic book fun. 

i Batman restaurant -Pennyworths

Image: Instagram/@parkrowlondon 

Inspired by five popular aspects of
Batman lore, the floor is divided into five sections. In tribute to Batman’s beloved British butler Alfred, Pennyworth’s (above) is the entrance bar. 

i Batman restaurant - Old Gotham City

Image: Instagram/@parkrowlondon

The neon-lit lounge area is called
Old Gotham City (above), and recreates a seedy neighbourhood in that metropolis. The largest space is taken by The Penguin’s nightclub The Iceberg Lounge, but Catwoman and Poison Ivy have their corners too. The colourful bathrooms are a tribute to the Joker and Harley Quinn, while a 10-course repast is served at the VIP section, Monarch Theatre. Some of the dishes on the menu – like Mulligatawny Soup and the rib eye steak – are Bruce’s favourites, while others – like the Joker Fish and I Am Fear – are inspired by iconic characters.

i Batman restaurant - Kiss From a Rose

Image: Instagram/@parkrowlondon

We particularly like the look of Kiss From A Rose
(above), a dessert named after the scene in Batman Forever (1995), which has a vanilla custard tart with lychee ice cream and textures of raspberry and rose, garnished dramatically at your table with frozen rose petals. 

Batman fans will also find around 50 hidden details (“Easter eggs”) secreted  across the restaurant. 

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