How to turn any object into a weapon

by | March 8, 2018, 2:31 IST

Sometimes, you don’t feel safe anywhere. At these times, take a look around. You can arm yourself with simple, everyday objects. In the spirit of standing up for ourselves, here’s a short starter guide. Let’s call it the Right to Fashion Arms.

Your favourite pan

object into a weapon
If it’s solid and iron, even better. Everyday kitchen utensils like pans, colanders and kadais can be turned into mini battering rams. Swing into action with them held firmly in hand, and you’ll see that good pans are truly a great investment.
Wield a pen
Sharp, pointy and hurtful? Words cannot match the accuracy of a well-aimed pen. Thrust it into the throat, eyes, groin or even the back of a hand. Strike where you can when needed. And write down phone numbers when you’re feeling safe.
Make your own Wolverine claws. Grasp keys in between the fingers of any hand and punch away, claw-keys out. 

Long objects like bottles and umbrellas

object into a weapon
No more whine. Use longer bottles like those of wine and sticklike objects like umbrellas to thrust into attackers. Watch out assailants – your knees, stomachs, throats, and heads are no longer safe. 
Shields up!

object into a weapon
Large books, large bags (finally, an upside!), briefcases, laptop tables, backpacks – shield yourself from blows or cuts with largish objects around the home.
Your smartphone
Given that our phones are practically welded to our hands, this is an easy idea. Slam the edges of your phone into an attacker’s eyes, neck or head. You can also wrap the phone in a sock or dupatta to create a rough sap – a weighted impact weapon.

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