How To Be A Voracious Reader

by | May 6, 2022, 13:02 IST


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Ruskin Bond, one of the most popular fiction writers in India, recently said in an interview that reading has become a ‘minority pastime’. If this is true, what’s with all those pictures that crop up on our Instagram feeds in which people are seen reading best-selling books in aesthetic-looking cafes while sipping on lattes? When you come to think of it, very few people actually read books these days. The hobby has been reduced to a symbol of status. The few who are voracious readers are visibly smarter and see improvement in every area of their  life: career, relationships, health – you name it! If you want to be among this crème de la crème, here’s what you should do:

Read To Know, Not To Show How Much You Know
Read to know, not to show how much you know
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In today’s world of social media frenzy, people do a lot of things not because they genuinely enjoy them, but because they want to signal status. Reading books is one of them. With that intention, you will never be able to turn reading into a habit and put the knowledge to good use.

Avoid Taking Recommendations
Avoid taking recommendations
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Naval Ravikant, one of the most revered thought leaders of our generation, recommends reading what you love until you love to read. By this he means that unless and until you don’t follow your natural curiosity when it comes to picking books, you will never enjoy reading enough to sustain the habit.

Don’t Read End To End
Don’t read end to end
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When it comes to non-fiction, you don’t have to read end to end. Sometimes, a book can be repetitive and, if you’ve got the point it’s trying to make, it’s all right to move on to another one. After all, you’re reading to learn, not to prove that you read something till the end.

Put It Down If It’s Boring
Put it down if it’s boring
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Just because content is presented in the form of a book, it doesn’t necessarily make it smarter. Some books simply don’t add value and it’s okay to put them down. Don’t allow boredom to break your momentum.

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