How To Balance Family Time While #WFH

by | September 9, 2021, 17:39 IST

Work form Home

There's not a single area of our live that's been left untouched by the effects of Covid-19. One of the worst hit are the working-class crowd. With the mounting workload, rising pressure and the need to be constantly be at employers' disposal has made a big dent in the overall mental health of people. Add to that the cons of working virtually without real human interactions. We get to see our colleagues, clients and bosses from across the screen and sometimes, it can get challenging as myriad of issues - from network issues to schedules - loom large over our heads. During these unprecedented times, as we work in closed confines with our loved ones, we rarely get a chance to spend quality time with them. Wth a few more months of work from home ahead of us, it's time we address the issue and figure out how to navigate these tricky water without turning a ready-to-explode pressure cooker. Below, we list down a few side effects of working from home and how it is affecting our family life.

Work form Home

People started throwing up their frustrations and pressure to the people around them. 2021 resulted in an increased burnout to the workers list. 

Work form Home

This pandemic witnessed the relationship breakouts and emotional traumas. Being around the loved one in the most beautiful way later turned to tackle each other with the pressure they held on their back. 

Work form Home

Also in some homes, the load of managing the office and domestic work fell on the women of the house, leading to more frustration and extra workload. 

WFH may similarly feel lighter on your pockets now without the cost of a daily commute or leisure travel. But with paycuts and layoffs, the financial pressure has also led to stressful situations in many household

It’s also far more demanding to work from home when constant coordination between co-workers is needed. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you increase productivity.

Some people may assume that a home office will make them feel like they're never away from work. 

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