How A Daily Kansa (Bell Metal) Wand Face Massage Helped My Skin

by | September 17, 2021, 17:46 IST

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Until about two years ago, I belonged to the school of thought where washing your face twice a day and applying a BB cream and lipstick was your best shot at skincare AND makeup. I wasn’t the lipstick and skincare junkie that I am today. I couldn’t care less about how much water I consumed in a day or how many burgers I had in a month. If I liked it, I’d do it. Ironically, that was the time I had the best version of my skin. The less I cared the better it seemed to have been. Today, despite an army of serums, sunscreens, moisturisers and so much more, my skin still doesn’t seem impressed. It was time for a reset. It was time to go back in time.

I tossed out all the products in my skincare regimen except for the moisturiser that really worked for me. (People, use a moisturiser, no matter what!) However, this time, instead of going for a simple face massage, I decided to try the much talked about kansa wand. It is a simple tool made of wood with its tip made of kansa or bell metal – an alloy of copper and tin, a form of bronze. 

Originally, the kansa was used in making drinking glasses and plates. It was believed to reduce the acidity of the food drastically that later led to better digestion. Even on the skin, it works wonderfully by removing excess heat. Not only that, it reduces inflammation, balances your doshas, reduces pitta, and relaxes tense muscles. What running is to your body and yoga is to your mind, I believe a massage is to your face. And a kansa wand massage is Pilates for your face! Having said that, at first, being very sceptical, I used it only once or twice a week.

How Did I Start?

face massage
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Always use oil before you massage your face with a tool. It reduces the friction and the eventual redness and swelling. I used kumkumadi tailam or saffron oil. I patted three-four drops on my skin until it was totally absorbed. Then, using the kansa wand, I massaged in circular strokes across my temple, eye sockets, cheeks, jawbones, and neck. By applying the right amount of pressure and using it in the appropriate direction, the wand helps in lymphatic drainage. Lymph is responsible for swelling and water retention. Of course, I did not see any results in just those three-four times a week sessions, but funnily enough, I enjoyed the feeling of the cold metal on my skin — it was strangely comforting. It is because of that satisfying sensation, I picked up the wand more during the week – like once a day. After cleansing my face and applying kumkumadi tailam, I resumed the show I was binge-watching and diligently massaged my face and neck with the wand for at least 20 minutes.

What Did It Do For Me?
face massage
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Keeping the actual benefits of the wand aside, it was really fulfilling to have a sturdy metal being pressed upon my swollen face. If only you could explain the rush beneath your skin, I did feel that. My face started looking fresh and supple, it had a more flushed look. With effective lymphatic drainage, I could actually notice my face thin down (at least temporarily) and looked a little sculpted than before. The combination of kumkumadi tailam with the kansa wand pushing the oil further into the barriers of the skin made all the difference.

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Not just my face and neck, I started using the metal for a foot massage as well. If the oil turns ash grey, it is just a chemical reaction between the metal and the acid content of your skin. In simple terms, it is oxidation.

The more I progressed, I found that our overwhelmed minds go back to the basics. Instead of spending thousands on fancy facials and treatments – which may or may not work for everybody – I found the most thrifty way of taking care of my skin and face. It re-energised my face and helped me slip into a routine that I was missing earlier. From now on, I am just going to peek into my pantry or ask for my dadima's nuskha or grandmother’s home remedy, because more often than not, it works brilliantly.

Point to note: Before using this beauty tool, you need to first check if you are allergic to any of the two metals. It could cause a reaction. Also, make sure that you cover your Kansa wand after use because if kept in the open the metal will eventually oxidise and turn black.

If you are looking for your own kansa wands, here are a few suggestions:

Kansa Wand Mystical Massager, Love Organically

face massage
Image: Love Organically

Kansa Wand For Face and Body, House of Beauty
face massage
Image: House of Beauty

Kansa Face Massage Wand, Ohriaa Ayurveda

face massage
Image: Ohria Ayurveda

The Varassa Wand - Face and Body Massager, TAE India
face massage
Image: The Ayurveda Experience

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