Here’s Why You Should Put The OTT Docuseries ‘DOGS’ On Your Watchlist!

by | November 2, 2021, 18:25 IST


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Looking for something to watch on family night? Or just to get your share of serotonin? We have just the thing for you – a documentary on Netflix titled DOGS! Do we need to say more?

Released in 2021 the series has two seasons with six and four episodes respectively. The entire docuseries is based on... yes, you guessed it right, dogs. Each episode is about 50 minutes long so it can be squeezed in a tight schedule. The series slowly unwinds to beautifully explore individual stories, each unique in its own way but bound by just one common factor, cute furry four-legged animals. What makes it a delight is that it not only features different dogs from across the world (from pedigreed to wild) but that it also focuses on the relationship between a dog and their human. It is educational, brings issues to the fore, and will tell you tales of pure and unconditional love. Side note: do grab a box of tissues, because there will be tears – those of joy, happiness and frustration!

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The first season explores stories that bring to light subjects that don’t always get recognised. The series starts with the story about young Corrine who has epilepsy and her search for a perfect service dog. The episode showcases the entire process of looking for the right dog, the bond they form gradually, the dog’s training and the family’s chance to live a normal life after the addition of the new member. The episode also features a lot of other children with conditions such as cerebral palsy and seizures.

To see the relationship between the children and their newly-assigned dogs is heartwarming. The season continues with five more episodes that introduce the viewer to subjects such as reunions, workings of a shelter organisation and their struggle to give dogs a second chance at life, ageing dogs, Japanese dog groomers and abandoned dogs of Costa Rica.

The beauty of the docuseries lies in the fact that it shows real-life problems from across the world and how they are resolved to make things better. 

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The second season will activate your tears glands and boy, will there be showers! It features four episodes about old age and retirement, reminiscing and paying tribute, reunion and the struggle to hold on to the love of your life and lastly, compassion and devotion. This second season throws at you excellently curated visuals filled with emotions.

The first episode titled ‘Much Ado About Blue’, is the story about Trip, a beloved English Pitbull who is the mascot of Butler University. He has a busy schedule making appearances at different games, with his own line of merchandise. But he has to retire now, not because he is ageing but because his longtime handler has to go through a tricky surgery. Watch the two tackle the risky situation.

The next episodes celebrates the bond between dogs and humans with stories about a former astronaut and his road trip with his pet dog, a happy reunion between a veteran and a dog from Iraq and a priest and his efforts to find a home for strays.

The series is like strings of emotions woven together and served to you, and we guarantee you will not get enough of it!


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