Here’s How Music Can Help Reduce Stress!

by | July 14, 2021, 17:35 IST

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Humans have been producing music for centuries now. From old folklore to the latest rap hits, we have come a long way. But one thing is for sure, music has a powerful hold on humans and can have a major impact on our mood. Like for example, listening to an old favourite song may remind you of your high school best friend. Memories may come rushing back to you, making you a little sad or making you smile fondly. One can somehow relate to the lyrics of a song and can associate it with their own feelings, hence triggering different emotions. 
It Is Backed By Research

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Recently, scientists have been trying to figure out how music can be used to the advantage of health-related issues like stress or anxiety. Why? Because music, unlike various medicines, has no side effects, doesn’t hurt, and is easily available to all! After a large number of studies and tests were conducted, the results proved that music can help reduce stress and even relax the human mind.

Sound therapy is gaining popularity these days. A team of scientists and song producers create songs with the simple aim of reducing stress and initiating a sense of calmness. Weightless is one such carefully curated song featuring melody and rhythm specially arranged to help slow down the heart rate and reduce the listener’s stress hormone levels.
How Does It Help? 

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Music alone may not be able to cure stress completely, but studies show that music can have a soothing effect on stressed minds and initiate relaxation as it connects with the brain, blood pressure, and even heartbeat. Hence, listening to music is one of the new alternate solutions to stress. Listening to music can help a person recover from the body’s response to stress much faster than recovering without music.

Not only listening to music, but creating your own music helps you relax too. Playing any instrument or singing makes the body release endorphins, happy hormones that help get rid of tension.

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Interestingly, the same piece of music can have different effects on people. Individual likes and dislikes of a person determine which songs will actually work in calming them down. Hence it is totally up to the individual on what kind of music they want to listen to when feeling stressed. If listening to the sound of rain with few guitar strings in the background is what you’re comfortable with, no point trying to listen to something else. Studies show that listening to music you can’t stand will be of no use in calming you down, which is why creating a personal playlist according to your taste may help.

Irrespective of how you intend to use music to overcome stress, do what you love, listen to your heart and let the healing powers of music do their job.

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