Different Health Benefits of Green Apples

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Benefits of Green Apples
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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” we all are familiar with the proverb. The proverb is complete just as apples are rich in antioxidants, vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fibre, minerals and a range of other important nutrients that are benefactors for your health and at the end of the day keeping the doctor away from you.

Health Benefits of Green Apples

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An interesting fact about apples is, they come in various colours. One of them is green. However, in popularity, red apples may outclass green apples.  But, green apple level the nutrient level of a red apple but green apples are lower in sugar content, the vital point that the green apples can boast about. Green apples additionally hold a lot of beauty and health benefits. Green apples are a combination of sour and sweet in taste. But wondering what are the benefits of green apples? Here is the list below.

Green Apple Nutritional Benefits Infographic

Health Benefits:
Skin Benefits:
Hair Benefits:
Different Benefits of Green Apples: FAQs

Health Benefits:

Want a happier and healthier life away from regular doctor visits? Then the green apple is the solution. The essential nutrients that green apples are loaded with are an absolute gem for your health.

Increases metabolism

The high fibre present in green helps increase metabolism. The high fibre stimulates the detoxification process and keeps the digestive system unalloyed. As the digestive system is energised, the metabolism also gets a breakthrough.

Tip: You can have green apples for snacks. Green apples will increase metabolism and control weight.

Good for Liver

The antioxidants are natural detoxifying agents that prevent your liver from hepatic conditions. Eat green apples with the peel. As green apples keep the liver and digestive system healthy. It can ease the bowel movement and your intestine system will be cleaner.

Tip: If you have troubles related to the digestive system consume a piece of apple daily. Even boiled green apples can help you to get relief.

Green Apples Good for Liver

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Strengthen bones

Calcium is essential for dense and strong bones. Especially women are prone to bone thinning and weakening. Bone density depletes after 30th. Women in their menopause should include green apples in their diet. Green apple prevents osteoporosis.

Tip: If you have bone-related issues then vitamin and minerals related food should be your priority. You can make a salad with green apples and other nutritious food.

Green Apples Strengthen Bones

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Helps to lose fat and weight

As green apple is a fibre rich fruit, it is beneficial for weight loss. Green apples have lower sugar levels and more minerals and antioxidants that help to shed a few pounds. The Vitamin K in it keeps the blood circulation uninterrupted.

Tip: Green apples can increase your metabolism and help you to reduce weight. If you are on a diet then green apples can be a favourite snack.

Lungs protector

According to studies, the daily consumption of green apples can reduce risks associated with lungs by 23%. It cuts down the risk of asthma. Regular smokers can reduce their guilt by having green apples daily as they will safeguard them from lung diseases.

Tip: Green apple juice can protect your lungs and during the time of pandemic it can be your saviour. Try eating green apples to have protected lungs. Keep green apples handy for your daily consumption.

Green Apples Lungs Protector

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Good for visions

Green apples are rich in Vitamin A. The enriched Vitamin A helps to improve the vision. The Vitamin A present in green apple juice can strengthen your vision potentially. It is a definite source to boost your eyesight.

Tip: Green apples mixed salad can make your vision better.


Green Apples Good for Visions
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Reduces the risks of inflammatory conditions

While eating apples don’t toss the peel in the trash can. Apple peel is as healthy as the meat of the apple and it can improve your health as it contains detoxifying elements. Green apples shoot up your immunity.

Tip: If you are afraid of chewing green apples daily then add make juice. This can help you too.

Lowers High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Want to tick a healthy diet? Savour a juicy green apple daily. A lot of studies have disclosed that green apples improve the cardiovascular system. The soluble fibre can lower cholesterol level. It lowers the risk of stroke by 52%. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, green apples can reduce the level of bad cholesterol. If you are suffering from high cholesterol, don’t forget to add green apples to your diet.

Tip: If you have cholesterol and blood pressure then make apples your best friend if you want to bid goodbye to medicines.

Skin Benefits:

Green apples are excellent to enhance your skin and give you your dreamy skin. If you want flawless skin, make green apples your best friend. A lot of skincare products possess green apple juice. But to have extra benefits add them to your diet.

Skin Benefits of Green Apples

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Reduces skin cancer risk

Green apple carries Vitamin C which guards the cells against the dangerous radiations that can mangle the skin and cause skin cancer. As it provides nourishment to the skin, saving it from several diseases and issues like eczema and dark circles. Regular consumption of green apples can give you relief from an acne breakout.

Tip: You can have a green apple with cornflakes or your breakfast meal. Consume an apple daily to keep the doctor away.

Fights against ageing

The deoxidants present in green apples delay ageing and prevent your skin from premature ageing. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, phenol strengthen your body to fight out wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. The deoxidants curb skin damages and value the quality of the skin.

Tip: The best way is to add a green apple to your diet.

Green Apples Fights Against Ageing

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Good for hydration

Putting the juice on the skin can be moisturizing and hydrating. There are face masks and face washes that are made of apple juice that are good to serve the purpose.  But enhance your skin from the inside out. Apart from the alien beauty products, eat green apples for better results.

Tip: eating a green apple will enhance the skin from inside. But you can apply the juice to the skin too.

Hair Benefits:

Green apple can give you the Cinderella hair that you are dreaming of for a long time. Apart from making your body healthy, green apples are marvellous for your hair and scalp.

Hair Benefits of Green Apples

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Enhances hair growth

Loaded with an array of different ingredients, green apples strengthen your hair and enhance growth. Having an apple should be encouraged if you want long tresses. It can reduce your hair fall and give a thumbs up to the volume of your hair.

Tip: Extract juice from the apple and leave it on the scalp for some 30 minutes.

Green Apple Enhances Hair Growth

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Dandruff Control

The paste made of green apple peel and leaves can control dandruff. Try this paste if dandruff is a concern in your life. The green apple juice also reduces dandruff if applied to the scalp regularly.

Tip: Use the paste before shampoo and keep it for 30 minutes at least.

Green Apples Control Dandruff

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Different Benefits of Green Apples: FAQs

Q. Is green apple healthier than red apple?

A. Essentially, the nutrient level is the same in both apples. They have Vitamin C, Vitamin A, minerals, antioxidants. The sugar level in green apples is lower than that of red apples. Hence, diabetic people will find green apples more effective for their body.

Q. Who can eat green apples?

A. There is no age bar for eating apples. Anyone can consume green apples. Though green apples should be a must for women above 40 who have entered their menopause and are struggling with bone-related issues. Eating green apples for a long time will make your body health and fit.

Q. What is the best time to eat green apples?

A. The best time to eat green apples is morning or noon. You can have apples with your breakfast or as an afternoon snack or between your breakfast and lunch. Eating apples at night can turn your intestinal functions against you. It can produce gas and make you feel uncomfortable. Green apples possess more nutrients since they are hybrid.

Q. How did green apples originate?

A. Maria Ann Smith had cultivated green apples in Australia for the first time in 1868. They are often called Granny Smith Apples. It is believed that green apples are a hybrid between French Crab Apple and Rome beauty.

Q. How to store green apples?

A. After raising the apples in water, dry them properly. Wrap up the apples in a carry bag or you can keep them open also and put them in the refrigerator. The cool condition keeps the apples fresh for two to three weeks. The normal room temperature can keep them fresh for a shorter span. The apples ripen faster at room temperature.

Q. How to select green apples while buying?

A. While buying green apples from the market select the apples that look bright green and firm without bruised, damaged or wrinkled skin. It is good to buy individual apples as pre-packed apples can contain ripened apples. Avoid the musky smelling apples.

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