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There has never been a better time to reach out for your best life. Primrose Monteiro-D’Souza pulled in experts to bring you life hacks for health

Meet our experts

Isabelle Karan

Isabelle Karan is a healer, yoga trainer, meditation and pranayama expert, and owner of Sabel Yoga & Wellness. She believes that each of us carries a beautiful light of consciousness and love in our hearts, and we need to help each other find the courage to let our light shine.

Dr Sudha Nair

Dr Sudha Nair is the naturopathy manager at Dharana at Shillim, with 17 years of experience in the fields of naturopathy, yogic sciences and lifestyle coaching. She specialises in holistic nutrition, body detoxification, yoga and mind-body therapies.
Avoid The Wellness Deficit

1. Avoid The Wellness Deficit
— Dr Sudha Nair

Things such as a delightful bath with bubbles, essential oils and Epsom salts, a wonderful face mask, and expensive skincare fit into the category of self-care, but self-care is so much more than these delectable treats that we give ourselves rarely and, often, guiltily. It’s about taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual health. It is not a treat, but a necessity. A ‘wellness deficit’ can manifest in the form of a meltdown, tension, anxiety, and lashing out, which, if not addressed in the long run, can lead to long-term depression and disease. Because of constant hormonal changes and the need to multitask, women are always exposed to challenges, and that is why it is so important that you take self-care seriously. Other ways you can improve your wellness deficit: spending time in nature, laughing, doing something that you love, standing up for yourself when someone is bringing you down, taking a nap…

Unleash Your Inner Power With Breathwork

2. Unleash Your Inner Power With Breathwork
—  Isabelle Karan

Breathwork and pranayama are not the same. Conscious Connected Breathing is usually a one-hour intense session of constant breathing. It is guided by a therapist and framed by music. You can reach deep inner blockages and release them by committing to the breath. You might get insights into your life you did not have access to before, and the energetic effect lasts much longer than just the duration of the session. Breathwork can unleash your inner power like you would not expect. It’s intense and gentle at the same time, and definitely liberating.
3.  Get 30 Minutes Of Intentional Exercise Every Single Day
— Dr Sudha Nair

A regular 30-minute regimen of physical exercise can go a long way in controlling all metabolic markers. Delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscle tissues while helping your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently, exercise will give your body the shake-up it needs to continue working effectively. Working out regularly can easily avert the lifelong pills that are to be taken if we develop abnormal hormonal levels. Working out does not just help with losing a few kilos, it also leads to a boost of oxygen levels in the brain, improving memory and concentration, and reducing the risk of depression. It acts as a cognitive enhancer, promoting creativity in inexpensive and healthy ways.
Adopt The 5-Minute Meditation

4. Adopt The 5-Minute Meditation
— Dr Sudha Nair

While you can receive the biggest gains from meditation with frequent practice, just five minutes of meditation actually can bring a quick reduction of your stress levels. The more you practise meditation, the more the brain muscle grows, and, over time, you will find yourself enjoying the practice more and even increasing the amount of time you spend meditating. Your mental stamina will strengthen, and you will find yourself with a greater ability to focus throughout the day. Those who like to move might prefer a walking meditation.

 Build Your Female Connections

5. Build Your Female Connections
— Dr Sudha Nair

There is nothing more restorative than connecting with your female friends, sisters or loved ones. They will give you advice, offer you a shoulder to cry on, keep your secrets, lend a listening ear and boost your self-esteem. Developing strong and healthy female friendships is something all women can benefit from. Women have a larger behavioural repertoire than just fight or flight. The hormone oxytocin is released as part of the stress response in a woman; it buffers the fight or flight response and encourages her to tend to her children and gather with other women instead. Studies suggest that, when she actually engages in this tending or befriending, more oxytocin is released, which further counters stress and produces a calming effect. This calming response does not occur in men.

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