Five Gender-Neutral Life Skills That Every Child Should Know

by | June 23, 2022, 16:30 IST


In those days, in an Indian household, the girl was expected to get water or serve food to the elders, whereas the boy do not participate in housework. The situation is improving, yet many remain unaware of the importance of imparting life skills to both genders. It is essential for parents to treat their sons and daughters equally at home. “The need of the hour is to teach fundamental life skills to everyone, regardless of gender. They can be moulded easily during their developmental years; it is up to parents to ensure they instil the correct skills that will aid children in the future,” suggests Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi, Parenting coach, who offers a few gender-neutral skills that kids should be aware of.


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Cooking: Irrespective of gender, cooking is a life skill that children need to be participative. Understanding how to put together a basic meal is a skill that will be of immense help in the long run.

Organising: Keeping things tidy and orderly, tidying up after playtime, and helping with household chores in tiny ways can teach kids responsibility and ownership. Parents should avoid coddling their children and instead encourage them to become self-sufficient.

Swimming: Swimming is a skill that will always be beneficial for safety and health. Enrolling youngsters in classes and ensuring that they acquire the skill will benefit them in the future.

Financial responsibility: Teaching children the art of money management is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child. Educating kids on the value of each penny and the necessity of saving for a rainy day is an essential skill that will aid in their development into responsible individuals.

Self-defence: Basic self-defence skills are necessary as a protection tool for children. This will boost their confidence and help them tread carefully where required. Teaching children how to hold themselves and take action should there be any unforeseen circumstances goes a long way in ensuring safety and security. 

Health and Hygiene: Teaching children to take care of their health and to practise good hygiene is important for their personality development. Encouraging healthy eating habits and cleanliness from an early age will discipline them and increase their self-esteem.

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