First Look: Episode 1 - The Queo Dream Bathroom Edit Powered By Good Homes

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Everything on the first episode of The Queo Dream Bathroom Edit powered by Good Homes

Let’s talk about the most private space in our whole entire home…the bathroom. It is here that we get ready to face the world, every day, and this space is oh so personal. Here we unwind, whilst seeking the time we need to tend to our intimate moments of solace and wellness. We lounge, relax, rejuvenate in the bathroom. And your journey to realise and built your dream bathroom starts now with The Queo Dream Bathroom Edit powered by Good Homes.

The Big Reveal
The Queo Dream Bathroom Edit powered by GoodHomes
This high-octave and fantastical tropical haven, is just what Shivani Gupta always imagined her dream bathroom to be. In the first episode, of The Queo Dream Bathroom Edit powered by GoodHomes, architect Sandeep Khosla joins team GoodHomes to curate and realise this escape design, with products from Queo.

For the first time ever, Queo and GoodHomes India come together to create the bathrooms of your dreams. We present the Queo Dream Bathroom Edit powered by GoodHomes, a four-part series that will take you through the journey of realising four luxury bathroom concepts under the mentorship of the country’s leading architects and interior designers.

Catch all the action.Catch all the action.

In the first episode of the series, we follow young designer Interior Architect Shivani Gupta as she approaches Ronitaa Italia, Editor In Chief, GoodHomes India, to help her bring to life her idea of her dream bathroom. Inspired by the tropics and earthy pigments, Shivani draws a beautiful picture with a lot of ideas, so many in fact, that Ronitaa and team are grappling to make sense of such a tall task. This is the moment when Ronitaa calls upon the original stalwart of Indian design, architect Sandeep Khosla. The titan of architecture and design in the country graces the team and Shivani with his time, ideas, inputs and helps the vision evolve.

While Ronitaa visits with Mr Sandeep Somany, Vice President and Managing Director, Somany Impressa Group to discuss the latest trends and innovation in the bathroom industry, Shivani heads to the Lacasa studio in New Delhi, where she can piece together her dream bathroom with the fittings and fixtures from Queo. With the main elements from Queo and with Sandeep and Ronitaa’s inputs, Shivani is able to piece together her dream bathroom.

Join us as we take you through the entire making of this fantastical and wonderfully-unique dream bathroom. The series will air only on NDTV, every Saturday, at 6:30 pm, starting November 20, 2021.
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