Find Japan, Via Peru, On A Plate In Mumbai

by | June 8, 2022, 10:31 IST


Koishii, the new restaurant at The St Regis Mumbai, is a homage to Nikkei cuisine


Vegetarians in Mumbai are in for a treat. Koishii, the all-new culinary and bar offering nestled in The Penthouse at Level 37 of The St Regis Mumbai, brings Nikkei cuisine to the city, and there’s plenty to please the non-meat eater.

A harmonious blend of the culinary traditions of Peru and Japan, Nikkei cuisine showcases the best of Peruvian ingredients elevated by Japanese cooking techniques, a delicious pairing especially when you consider the two countries are over 15,000 kilometres apart. There is something entrancing about the cuisine’s evolution – the Japanese arrived in Peru back in the 19th century in search of work, and they brought their own culinary influences to play on local food: the result is Nikkei cuisine. Koishii is a homage to the marriage of cultures, and the connections with the two words – ‘Koi’ (the act of falling in love) and ‘Itishi’ (the deep feeling of doing something for someone you love). That etymology tells you that Koishii would be perfect for a romantic dinner or an intimate meal. There’s also a chance to indulge in the Omakase menu (‘Omakase’ means “I leave it up to you” in Japanese).


The Koishii culinary team is led by Peruvian culinary maestro Chef Kinyo, and, under his direction, expect a stunning variety of dishes from the hot kitchen, the sushi counter and the robata grill. The menu is created with fresh and seasonal ingredients, showcased in Nikkei dishes such as Mango Ceviche, a Watermelon Carpaccio slow cooked for eight hours (above), Shisho & Togarashi Sweet Corn, Koishii Signature Vegetarian Nigiri, Nikkei Aubergine from the robata grill, and the Koishii Signature Dessert Platter.


And that intimate meal we spoke of? Koishii is made for occasions like that. Dramatically lit with massive crystal, wood and hand-forged metal chandeliers bringing a twinkling charm to your evening out, the vintage sepia tones of the decor bring to mind Peru and Japan. The library alcove and two private rooms will take you back to a bygone era when promises were made and deals struck over a shared meal. The conversation stopper is the bespoke black lacquered metal and brass structure suspended over the bar, itself striking in marble and oak with antique gold mirror-backed arches. The food, the ambience, the company will transport you into a different – more exciting yet soothing – world for an evening.

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