Femina Power Brands 2022: Complement Your Diet With Supradyn® Daily

by | March 7, 2022, 10:42 IST


Bayer Consumer Health with its leading brand in nutritional portfolio, Supradyn, conducted a survey among doctors and nutritionists which brought to light grave micro-nutrient insufficiency in daily Indian diets.


Brand Focus On The Right Nutrition

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused consumers to reset their focus, making immunity key for every household. This presented a need for an authority to come in and help simplify and educate how people could ensure maximum immunity. Supradyn, with its six-decade-long rich legacy of helping consumers achieve more immunity and boost their energy, decided to relaunch, starting with a nutrition survey. The doctor-only survey results highlighted that food can only get you as far as 70 per cent of your key nutrient requirements. The survey also revealed that over 85 per cent of doctors and nutritionists agree that deficiencies in daily diet can be fulfilled by taking a multivitamin-multimineral supplement daily. Rooted in this insight, Supradyn’s new campaign emphasised the brand’s role in complementing a healthy diet by bridging the key nutrients gap.


Customer Connect

The crucial role of multivitamins to complete key nutrients is not widely understood by consumers. Supradyn, from its nutrition survey conducted among doctors and nutritionists, identified the underlying gap in regular Indian daily diet and therefore, decided to communicate this micronutrient deficiency through an easily understood topic – food/one’s daily diet. Supradyn built their communications around how to fulfill this key nutrient insufficiency of 30 per cent with the intent of making the idea very relatable to consumers. This encouraged consumers to stop accepting being a 70 per cent and be on top of their game by supplementing their daily diet with one Supradyn Daily.


Value Proposition

Supradyn intends to connect with young women who are the Chief Medical Officers of their homes. Along with their family’s wellbeing, they are also focused on self-care but they still experience weakness, fatigue and frequent illness. Supradyn made them understand that the link between their daily performance and body’s micronutrient requirements centred around two key facts:

  • Your daily food alone can get you only as much as 70 per cent of the nutrients you need
  • Sub-optimal performance can be corrected with the support of nutrition provided by multivitamin, Supradyn Daily

The brand’s latest campaign debated the uncontested faith on food in India and provided a cultural unlock, establishing the need for nutrition sufficiency. It motivated women to stop accepting a mere 70 per cent, and ticking off all nutritional requirements by adding Supradyn Daily to their everyday meals to gain complete strength (energy + immunity) and act at 100 per cent potential at all times.

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