Femina Power Brands 2021: Natural Skincare With Namyaa

by | March 10, 2021, 12:30 IST


It is well-established that maintaining body cleanliness is essential for all of us. However, women need to maintain extra hygiene as they menstruate, leaving them susceptible to catching various kinds of bacteria and infections. And for a woman’s proper intimate hygiene, an everyday shower just does not cut it enough. Using clean, and toxic-free products that are effective in managing the pH levels of intimate areas needs to be incorporated into daily routines. This is where Namyaa, a homegrown brand, can lend optimal use and assure safety.

In a bid to acknowledge these brands, Femina and ET Edge came together for the first edition of Femina Power Brands 2021, a virtual gathering of esteemed guests and business leaders from the lifestyle, media, and entertainment industry to unveil the most sought-after lifestyle brands of the past year. Recognized as Femina Power Brands 2021, Namyaa LifeSciences is one of the leading companies in the country which has a very niche category of women’s intimate hygiene


After years of research and innovation at their research and development unit, Namyaa has formulated some great skincare products, which are scientifically proven with zero side effects. They have always evolved and innovated new products, which has made their portfolio of skincare treatments pretty big now. From organic skincare, intimate hygiene, personal care products, Namyaa has the modern woman’s needs sorted. Peruse below to learn more about their mission statement, their passion to promote women’s hygiene and health.



Vision and Mission

We had intimate hygiene wash and that got very popular among women. We started initially with Qraa herbals but with rising women’s health concerns we extended and came out with Namyaa which has a niche range of products specifically for women. We started off with the hygiene products and emphasized how important it is for women to maintain intimate hygiene. With the increase of busy schedules of working women, where women find it a bit fearful with regards to periods, we launched Namyaa menstrual cups, which were more effective and more comfortable than pads or tampons.  Not only working women but also the women living in remote areas where scarcity of water is the major problem, menstrual cups can be a boon for them. With the aim of healthy and clean India, we came out with your products which are natural with zero side-effects.


Value Proposition For Consumers

It is extensive for a consumer that they relate themselves with the brand or the product. We have kept the products women-centric keeping in mind the issues that women face. Namyaa is an initiative taken to change the lifestyle of working women and homemakers. Today, pollution and busy lifestyle have overtaken the pace and have become burdensome and has affected the health of women, the most.  This is the era of working women and no one can deny how negligent women have become with regards to health.

We have taken several measures to promote women’s hygiene and health. We have done several campaigns where we have approached many social media influencers to promote women’s health and hygiene.

Not only we have limited ourselves with these products but also understanding the demand of time and importance of vaginal tightening, we have introduced vaginal tightening and lightening cream for women.


How Namyaa Relates With Its Consumers?

Looking at the lifestyle which has become very hectic certain diseases like PCOD/PCOS, irregular periods, and Leucorrhea have also made their place in the lives of women. We understood the urgency for the remedy for these diseases. We came out with ayurvedic products- Anarthava delayed and irregular syrup for delayed and irregular periods, Aarthava Kshaya PCOD and PCOS syrup for PCOS and PCOD, and Shwetkanika white discharge tablets for Leucorrhea, which is a condition where the white discharge exceeds the normal limit.

With the demand of time, we have updated our products. Women are going for vaginal rejuvenation; we have introduced our vaginal tightening cream. We have a complete range of products for intimate hygiene. Menstrual cups were a great success which has forced us to come out with new products beneficial for women.



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