Femina Fab 40: Faye D’Souza Brings Reliable & Unadulterated News Every Day

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Femina’s Fabulous 40 for 2021
The Olympians who represented the country on a prestigious platform. Some brought glory and others hope. The women who inspire us and make us believe that anything is possible, especially after the year that we have had. Women who have raised their voices and lent a voice to those who did not have one. There are too many to count, but this selection of 40 women will motivate us to hold our heads high while we march ahead

Faye D’Souza

Award-winning journalist Faye D’Souza needs no introduction. She has transformed the way news is covered and relayed in India with her calm and composed style, focusing on issues that matter and prioritising information over opinion. D’Souza’s social media accounts will always offer reliable and unadulterated news presented in a manner that respects the viewer’s intelligence.

D’Souza started her journalistic career with All India Radio while still a student. She later moved on to reporting about finance and joined the Times Network in 2008, going on to serve as executive editor with Mirror Now.

Unafraid to ask questions and take on real topics such as government accountability, responsible taxation, the safety of women and children, education, health, and urban development, D’Souza has been instrumental in bringing about policy changes, showing the impact journalism can have on changing the status quo. She took the challenges that 2021 presented head on and used her personal network to bring those with resources and those in need onto one platform during the pandemic. While she and her small but dedicated team toil round the clock to provide solid news to the viewers, she is also working towards bringing women closer to financial independence with her series Money Love. Creating her space with her work speaking for itself, D’Souza represents the kind of journalism that is much needed at this time the world over.

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