Femina Fab 40: Entrepreneur Ritika Sharma Is Redefining Beauty Industry

by | September 29, 2021, 1:20 IST


Femina’s Fabulous 40 for 2021
The Olympians who represented the country on a prestigious platform. Some brought glory and others hope. The women who inspire us and make us believe that anything is possible, especially after the year that we have had. Women who have raised their voices and lent a voice to those who did not have one. There are too many to count, but this selection of 40 women will motivate us to hold our heads high while we march ahead

Ritika Sharma

While 2021 has been a challenging year on many fronts, there have been special moments as well with women at the forefront. We have seen historic firsts in the fields of sports, business, politics and entertainment. “Women this year have left their comfort zones in proving themselves and re-shaping conversations on equality, work-life balance, mental health, running for political office and women’s rights,” says Ritika Sharma, founder & CEO, House of Beauty.

At House of Beauty, they attempt to strike a balance. The idea of an all-women’s team is also problematic, and isn’t the goal entirely. They tried to find a group of talented, motivated and empathetic team players who could deliver results, and most of them just happened to be women. “There is no sense of tokenism to our hiring, and I think that’s what it should be. The idea is to have diversity in the workplace, and you simply can’t have it when half of the world’s population isn’t represented on the table. My hope is that we are as open to hiring male beauty and skin care experts as we are female engineers,” avers Sharma.

She founded House of Beauty (HOB) and its subsidiary technology-led platform – Boddess.com. The beauty company at HOB is a differentiated platform that aims to add value to a customer beyond finding the cheapest or fastest product in the market. The premium multi-brand beauty platform, Boddess.com, aims to challenge how we think about beauty retail, and to personalise experiences through technology, experts and in house services. It focuses beyond selling another brand on another platform in a marketplace that is so overwhelming, crowded, and chaotic and where brands are created at the speed of light. “My goal as founder is to help people make product decisions, letting them engage through tools such as the Boddess Virtual Pro technology (first of its kind introduced on a beauty multi- brand platform in India), in-house celebrity and resident experts, and with education about product ingredients, values, authentic reviews and unique data points that will help them make a decision.”

Recipient of the Times 40 Under 40 award, Sharma is passionate about giving a new meaning to beauty in South Asia. “I aim to elevate and uplift beauty standards in the region to a new ideal, upgrading my Boddesses’ beauty regimen and arsenal, and pave the way through technology and brick and mortar for unique beauty exploration,” she shares. “House of Beauty and Boddess.com are authentic and here to serve a purpose for the beauty, health and wellness community. We proudly carry our authentic story, mission and purpose.”

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